Sigma Gaming Casinos

Sigma Gaming is a casino game development firm that was established in 2014 and is headquartered in the United Kingdom. The company specializes in creating slots for online casinos, and their self-stated mission is to consistently deliver fresh, exciting content.

The studio was started by James Ramshaw and Kevin McGovern, both of whom have decades of experience in the gaming industry. Sigma Gaming is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and has developed games for many different jurisdictions, including the United States, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Jump Straight Into Play

Like most brands these days, Sigma Gaming has chosen to develop their slots exclusively with HTML5 rather than creating a separate, downloadable suite of software. There has been a noticeable industry shift in this direction, and it's a smart move on their part to offer this kind of flexibility.

They have labeled themselves as a B2B company, and this means that they rely on other gaming platforms to host their games. This is good news for players, however, because it means that their entire portfolio is easily accessed through casinos that run big-name platforms like Microgaming Quickfire.

A Better Experience With HTML5

Utilizing HTML5 for all of their slot titles means that players can enjoy fast loading times and smooth and consistent play. It also means that they can take their slot sessions seamlessly from desktop to tablet or smartphone without experiencing a loss of quality.

A Different Approach to Success

Sigma Gaming has not yet become a big name in the online gaming industry, but their approach to business is one that can make this possible in time.

The two men who founded the company have seen significant successes in their online game development careers prior to establishing Sigma Gaming, and they are bringing their shared expertise to bear in order to make this venture successful.

Rather than trying to have a hand in every aspect of the online gaming industry, they are focused on B2B solutions, which means they can devote the bulk of their time and resources to pure games development. This means that they can focus on having a consistent release schedule of titles that are memorable and innovative, which will help to build both their reputation and portfolio.

Accessible and Fun Games

Although Sigma doesn't have a big catalog of games under their belt, the ones they have released so far are all solid, high-quality titles.

It's clear that the company puts considerable care and effort into crafting games that are both visually appealing and exciting for players. All of their games have beautiful graphics, fun themes and plenty of crowd-favorite bonus features that allow for big wins.

In Summary

Sigma Gaming may have only been around for five years, but they have paced themselves so that they can stay in the game for the long haul. Their games are developed with repeat appeal in mind, and they have made sure that their entire portfolio can be hosted by operators worldwide.

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