SGS Universal Casinos

sgs_universal_gc_1Why this software developer is not more popular, we wonder? Dozens of available slots and table games with great designs and simple mechanics, major experience in the business, mobile-friendly content. We have no explanation why the Ukraine-based SGS Universal did not reach multiple markets around the globe. Mainly, SGS produces games for Eastern and Western Europe, both for land-based and online casinos. In addition, they create software solutions for new and existing gaming platforms, custom-made by clients’ desires.

Curious to know why we find SGS Universal so attractive? Let’s open up the catalog!

Game Selection

SGS Universal casino platform includes more than sixty slot machines! For a fairly “unexplored” producer, quite a number! Impeccable graphics and animations, combined with great gaming features are promising unforgettable gambling sessions. And indeed, we had a wonderful time getting to know SGS’s slots! 

The diversity of themes is compelling; from Monster Village to Oriental vibes in Golden Asia slot, we enjoyed every second playing these top-notch titles. Another great thing about these games is their rich features. The machines are powered by multiple bonuses such as extra spins, and multipliers, which were quite easy to trigger. But, if we were forced to choose just one best thing about SGS’s games, our vote would go to the astonishing artwork. Each title is supreme in the terms of graphical design and quality of animations. And the games are loading so fast! Gamblers can be impatient, so fast-loading content is always a huge plus, right? All in all, the catalog of slots from this Ukraine-based supplier was a big and very positive surprise.

What did we find inside the table games selection?

The offer of table games, compared to slots, seems limited. However, numbers could never be more important than quality, and with the level of quality, SGS Universal has no problems. At the moment, the supplier offers a couple of basic video poker releases, and one Blackjack and Roulette title. It’s a small, but a valuable handful. Table games are looking pretty simple, classical if you want, but vivid and easy to play.

Software Solutions

Except for a hefty number of games, SGS Universal has a full set of different services for online and land-based partners. The company is developing flexible layouts, mathematical game models, tools for integration of games, crypto-platforms, and lots more needed for those who are just launching their business or turning a fresh page in the iGaming industry.


SGS Universal made some bad business decisions in the past; the brand collaborated with a couple of blacklisted online casinos. This, unfortunately, put a shadow on SGS. We are hoping that soon this brand will get rid of the ghosts from the past, and get what it really deserves – the attention of the whole iGaming community. Their premium content and modern solutions deserve to be recognized at more markets.

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