Mutuel Play Casinos

Mutuel PlayIt’s not easy to beat the creative ideas and innovative technologies in today’s iGaming industry. Software providers are closely working on developing something that will attract players’ attention, and make them stay inside their gaming studios.

What makes a developer great?

An immense range of products, engaging gameplay, and hefty features? Indeed, this and other bundles of casino joy must be produced in order to invoke the demanding players and make them come back for more. Mutuel Play is one of the game developers who succeeded to collect all the important pieces of the iGaming puzzle and offer fun enough content for gamblers worldwide.

The company may be defined as new, since it has begun its journey in this fast-developing industry just a couple of years ago, in 2016. The main offices are situated in the UK, and in their catalog of existing products and services, consumers and clients can find a long list of offers: Game and web design, game maths, support solutions, UXI standards, and more. Mutuel is the brand that took that step ahead and involved itself in something more than just creating games.

However, the company’s main interest remains the same as it was at the beginning of the business. To create unique, premium casino titles, under the leadership of Rhys Owen, director of the brand and veteran in the gambling sector.

Game Selection

Game SelectionIt would be an exaggeration to say that the number of existing titles is huge, but considering that this UK brand was around for just a couple of years, the number seems pretty decent.

The amount of content may not be Mutuel’s most powerful weapon, but something else is. When we first landed on their official website, we were struck by vivid and lively game themes.

Were we fooled by our first impression or the games are really boosting players’ enthusiasm for gambling?

We took our chances with a few titles: Chocolisious, The Snowman, Party Xtra, and here is what we can share:

  • The themes are innovative and unique
  • Lot of work put in graphics and details
  • Dynamic look, and bold, colorful designs

Of course, Mutuel Play didn’t forget those players who appreciate simplicity, and classic styles, so amongst these appealing and fresh designs, you can find good, old fruit-themed machines, as well as lotto and bingo releases.

Mobile Gaming

Front-end developers of Mutuel Play built each game on the HTML5 system, making them available across all platforms. Gamblers can smoothly launch the desired Mutuel Play titles on each remote gadget, and all operating systems, from Android, over Windows and iOS.


We would like to see more titles in this UK-based gaming library in the future. The company is on the right track to becoming one of the industry’s leaders by all means, except for the number of gaming products. They must speed up the production of games if they want to reach the top of the charts.

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