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soft_page_reaching_for_the_starsFils|Game is a relatively young online gaming development studio, founded in 2016 and located at the very heart of London, UK.

The company takes special pride in setting new standards of fun and paying attention to players’ standards and requirements, whilst providing operators with easy-to-use and immediately productive solutions.

Reaching For The Stars

Fils|Game’s game development philosophy is based on transparent B2B practices which quickly established their place as one of the sought-after rising stars of the industry.

The very foundation of their diverse products - slot games of different configurations and functionalities as well as table games - is the innovative math model based on the so-called “sync-rnds” that is applicable to multiple platforms and mobile devices. Big databases, cloud computing and statistical modelling are used to develop and verify the company’s game models.

Another value proposition of this brand is that, when developing content for different markets, they take into account the low internet bandwidth of countries where it performs poorly in comparison, maximizing the gaming experience for players everywhere.

Conceptualizing Games

Never short on game ideas, Fils|Game relies on strong game models and inspiring themes that fit within said models.

Some of the themes players will get to encounter in their games include cartoons, famous characters, TV series and movie, fantasy, horror, sea-faring voyages...pretty much any subject you can imagine.

The company produces titles of crisp and multi-faceted graphic solutions. A particularly important consideration about their output is that the brand is a mobile-first studio, meaning their games are conceived and developed with the smartphone user in mind. The close collaboration between the artists and developers is of great importance in this instance, which Fils|Game readily declares is achieved within their group.

There are over 300 bespoke online slot and table games available in their portfolio, tailored carefully to the demands of the contemporary market. All of their titles are playable on PC, Android or Apple devices.

One remarkable fact about this developer is that they take commission from their clients and build games that respond to their specific requests by implementing custom animations, RNG and even sound effects.

Focus On User Experience

Fils|Game recognizes the importance of mobile gameplay and therefore strives to provide a convenient UX for mobile users, while not sacrificing anything of the intricacies and detailed approach of desktop games; user interface.

For example, their bespoke Live Casino games are made to measure of various player profiles on both mobile and desktop devices. Such a UX philosophy, in their view, provides an advantage to them to reach new clients.

The sophisticated Back Office, lush with features and other bonuses, facilitates the management of their games by the operators.

Game Mechanics

Fils|Game’s behind-the-scenes technology is just as detailed and well-developed as the tech that powers their gameplay.

The asynchronous Database leaves the complete management of the interfaces to the casino management, so that no delays or other issues are ever imposed on the players.

Their mechanisms ensure:

  • Pay per bonus
  • Game In Game
  • Level Bonuses
  • Regionalisation
  • Personal events such as birthday bonuses
  • Events for significant dates of the year
  • Bettlo slot events
  • Tournaments with virtual cash functionality
  • And more!

All of these help operators achieve greater player retention and engagement rates.

What about collaborations?

Being a relatively unknown player in the highly competitive world of online gaming, Fils|Game studio is not yet a part of any larger collaboration movement, such as Yggdrasil’s YG Masters plan that gathers different third-party partners, or Microgaming’s similar scheme.

In a nutshell, British-born and raised Fils|Game is one of the underdogs of the online gaming software scene. While not as prominently features in any casino’s lobby as, say, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play or Play’n Go, the right amount of enthusiasm coupled with a good strategy and business plan may herald the coming of their era.

Sufficiently stacked with a variety of games already, we have to take into account the relatively young age of this developer and hope the best for their future in the regulated markets worldwide.

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