DLV Casinos

latvia div softwareLatvian gaming software, equipment manufacturer and operator DLV is a reputable name in the industry with more than 25 years of presence on the market.

Since its inception in 1994, the brand’s focus lays in increasing its production capacity and manufacturing different types of products using all up-to-date technology.

… this provider plays an important role in the local gaming market. It has also become one of the fastest-growing companies that constantly expands its influence on the emerging foreign markets. Its products are available to players in Europe, Asia, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean.

Speaking of its products
… the brand’s portfolio includes a great variety of hardware and software solutions, games, as well as a series of jackpots based on the provider's own progressive jackpot system with different features.

More 400 skillful and experienced employees that are a part of the company, undergo constant training to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. A team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in the industry is more than capable to provide timely technical support and qualitative service.

Three pillars of the brand - Innovation, personalized solutions, and certification

In the world where each day brings some new technological updates, software suppliers have to keep up with them. Not only that, they have to be able to incorporate them into their products and provide new and improved products. It is something that this brand does the best, understanding that innovation is the key to raising above competition.

Another thing this provider is very well aware of
… is that a custom solution doesn’t work for all online operators. By creating innovative products and updates in accordance with the demands of each particular market, this brand is capable to offer optimal and personalized solutions for the casinos.

DLV also gives much attention to product certification, which allows it to maintain its high level of competitiveness.
Both the company's hardware and software products are certified by globally recognized laboratories:

  • TÜV for cabinets and platforms
  • NMI for gaming software
  • BMM for different jurisdictions

Implementation of new practices into business activity to modernize its product development process and provide advanced peripherals is a constant focus of the company. As a big part of its business strategy, this allows the brand to meet the needs of customers and partners, offer a wide range of equipment and services, as well to maintain the professional performance in every activity.

Providing a solution for both land-based and online casinos

dlv softwareWhile some providers opt for designing the products and solutions for either land-based or online casinos, this developer is attacking the whole gambling market. Its comprehensive approach and very diverse services are exactly what makes it one of the best software suppliers in the business.


This brand has gaming equipment installed in the ground casinos all over Europe, Latin America, and Asia. It is constantly updating its product line and provide repair and technical support services.

The service center provides support for gaming equipment maintenance and repair, including:

  • Customization of gaming equipment to specific market requirements or specific customer needs
  • Installation of new equipment
  • All necessary adjustments to local online and casino management systems
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Constant software updates
  • Consulting and advisement

Online casinos

In order to expand its field of activity
… this provider has created an online betting site that allows placing bets 24/7 with odds from best bookmakers.

In addition, the company offers a large selection of outcomes (up to 2000 outcomes per event) for a huge number of sports, political, entertainment and other events. A comfortable modern and easy-to-use interface is suitable even for an inexperienced user.

Asa brand that always keeps up with new trends
…the provider expanded beyond the betting services and include online slots, online casino, and online live dealer products, as well as open live betting shops.

Product tour

This provider manufactures, operates and sells gaming equipment worldwide. Its vast product portfolio includes a wide range of cabinets, multi games and jackpot systems.

  • Cabinets – Diamond Excel, Diamond Z, Diamond HD, Diamond DWS, and Diamond STD
  • Multi-games – Diamond Games Star is a multigame featuring 20 games with 5, 10, 20, 25 and 40 pay lines, available in Diamond Excel and Diamond Z.
  • Games – Over 100 slot machine games
  • Jackpots - Zooshenk multigame featuring four jackpot levels

All the games by this developer are followed by great design and graphics. Also, all the products for online gaming are available on all devices and suitable for mobile casinos. Engaging gameplay and high winning potential, especially in the jackpot releases, shows that the provider paid attention to the needs and desires of players. Their easy integration in the casino’s platform shows that the requirements of the operators aren’t neglected either.

Constant modernization and comprehensive offer

Since the gaming industry is very competitive, the developers have a hard time standing out from the crowd. It is also a fast-changing market, and the ability to adapt to such changes is vital. Those who can’t change their operation flow and modernize it, are likely to sink under the innovation flood.

This provider certainly isn’t one of those underachievers. On the contrary, from its foundation, this company was modernizing and expanding on every step. Exactly that ability to implement innovation and creativity into its growth was the stepping stone to its success.
Now we can say that this isn’t just a provider who follows the trends, but also the force that imposes them.

By extending its influence beside their basic operation, this brand can offer comprehensive services for all segments of the industry. While their breach in online gaming was focused on sports betting, the brand soon realizes the demands of the markets for other products as well. Hence, their extensive portfolio of the slots game.

Besides its diversity of services and portfolio
… a tendency to certify all of its products is another big plus for DVL. It is a sign of the serious brand that wants its offer to be completely legit.

While this should be something that implies, in the sea of the shady brands on the worldwide gaming market, this case to be considered as the advantage.