Copacabana Gaming Casinos

copacabana-gaming-software-review-imageCopacabana - a name that evokes memories of the beach days full of relaxation, playful waves, and refreshing cocktails, doesn’t it? No wonder why New Games Technology (NGT) has chosen to name its brand after the most famous Brazilian beach – its games are fresh like the summer breeze.

NGT is specialized in providing new kinds of games for the industry, and this brand is no different. With an ambitious yet realistic project, Copacabana Gaming is focused on becoming one of the leading gaming innovative content providers in the market.

As it does...

...with each new release that hits the market. The creative team works hard to deliver the top-quality traditional slots, video bingo, scratch cards and pull tabs for online market operations, always enhanced with exclusive and unique features to captivate the player’s attention.

 But the brand goes beyond developing games...

…as its world-class tech team designs in-house gaming platforms and solutions for both online operators and their clients. As stated on the provider’s official website, all the content is made from scratch. Therefore original, assuring the best and most unique experience for players.

Since “Keep pushing the limits” is the developer’s motto...

…let’s keep finding out all about its games and vision.

Partnership With Spitfitt That Bought The Developer’s Catalog To The Renowned iSoft’s Platform

Along with Raspinha...

…this proactive brand operates as a part of NGT group as one of its subsidiaries. Primarily targeting the market of Latin America, Copacabana brings the unique Brazilian fell to its releases.

The brand’s quality was recognized by Spiffbet, who became its first partner. Due to this collaboration, the developer's catalog alongside its partner’s portfolio was integrated to one of the most renowned platforms - iSoftBet’s GAP. 

This award-winning platform host thousands of titles by over 50 leading iGaming suppliers, which make the developer’s games closer to players and introduce it too much wider audience.

Groundbreaking iGaming Solutions

To give full advantage to its clients in the extremely competitive gambling industry, the developer is pushing the limits and never settles for “good enough” results. It aims to providing the best experience to its clients by perfection its gaming solutions such as:

  • Game, Graphics and Sound Design – The brand gives high priority to gameplay, making it unique and original. Skillful designers and artists with the utmost attention to detail create outstanding catchy and colorful graphics that is attractive to players.
  • Cross-platform Html5 Game Development – No matter how demanding the task is, the development team can tackle and conquer it with ease. This comes from the years of experience and extensive training of each team member.
  • Personalized backoffice - The developer’s clients will never be in a dark with a personalized backoffice. With the help of this solution, they can be aware of everything that happens on their platform when it happens.

Product Tour

This is one of those providers who is stretching its efforts on several categories but still manages to deliver high-quality products. Focusing on one particular product and perfecting it is sometimes a good strategy, but this brand is proof that with hard work, production doesn’t have to be limited to just one type of game. 

Twitting recognizable evergreens, the developer is bringing freshness to them, delivering the “classics with Brazilian style”. By adding unique features and making the gameplay more exciting, it is honoring such classics, at the same time making them more appealing to the next generation of players and a wider audience.

In its portfolio, there are quite diverse categories of games:

Since the brand is focused on innovation, it doesn’t only follow the current gaming trends but also dictate them. That’s clearly visible in the detailed design of characters and symbols, as well in the overall visually-pleasing presentation of its games. 

Besides superb graphics, top-notch animation and full HD are enhancing the overall playing experience. Outstanding quality is present no matter what device you’re using – the games perform smoothly and interrupted on both desktop and mobile apparatuses thanks to the excellent optimization.

What Special Features Can Players Expect?

All the releases come with an authenticity which makes them stand out from the abundance of the competitor's titles. A good example of this is the developer’s Lucky Animals series.

With cleverly designed animated animals as main characters, this series contains lotto, bingo, a real-money pick title, as well as the instant game. We’ve seen the slots series, but it's not so common for one theme and idea to be transcended into some many different releases, which makes it quite special.

As for slots...

…there are only 4 titles in this section, but they all come with an original theme, superb graphics and highly interesting gameplay.

The commonly known rules and course of all provider’s games are enriched with multiple features, multipliers, instant prizes, unique mechanics, bonus sessions, and complimentary spins. Also, all the titles have a demo version, so players can try them out before playing with real money.

Should Copacabana Gaming’s Releases Be On Your Radar?

Oh, you should really check from time to time to see what new goodies this developer has come up with next. You will probably read about them on the gambling blogs and industry’s news sites since the titles of this brand are stirring the water as they appear.

It's due to its uniqueness that is completely out of the box. There are still a lot of closed-minded people all around us, stuck in their ways. Those who don’t like to try new things and aren’t fond of innovation and changing the classic things they’re used to


…their number is decreasing drastically as the new technology breakthroughs are lining up. This Brazilian developer is just one of the providers who are revolutionizing the gambling industry, and in our book, that’s always the good thing.

Old school slots will never go out off style, as they shouldn’t. After all, they are the foundation of the slot’s history. But why not make them better while still keeping all of their charms?

Releases by Copacabana Gaming are proof that games can be both engaging yet with a hint of traditional appeal when needed. Its work is ground-breaking, with striking visual appeal, thrilling gameplay, unique features, and simply one-of-a-kind. Still wondering should you check them out?