Asia Live Tech Casinos

Asia Live Tech CasinosIf you have ever spent a holiday in Cambodia, you might have run into Asia Live Tech before They started off as a land-based casino and moved into the realm of online casinos in 2011. Expansion, integration, and innovation have been their guiding light since and it has worked quite well.

The company is mainly invested in live casino gaming, and as such is not really a traditional slot producer. Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are something they seek to bring to the market, as well as products and services aimed at online casinos and not just at the players. They boast on Linkedin that they are 'the first bitcoin iGaming software provider.'

The landscape of casino gaming has been changing for a few decades now, and one of the inevitable results of it has been land-based casinos entering the online world. Surprisingly enough, this has not happened so much in Europe or the Americas as it has in Asia. Asia Live Tech is one of the first companies that have successfully transferred from a hotel-casino resort into a worldwide live casino provider.

Not only do they offer table games, but they also provide solutions for other gaming companies. That is to say, they are a white-label provider that offers the games, systems, and marketing for online casinos.

Live gaming products, slots, and much more

Besides the affiliate products, casino solutions, support, and back-end systems, the company offers games for players. Their main product is live-casino, with the other games and gaming systems steadily growing in popularity. The company currently has a sportsbook product, lotteries, keno, and of course slot games.

The latter, at the time of writing, compromises of some twenty different games. The selection is growing fast and might be worth checking out for those who are on the look for a bit different gaming experience. The slots offer both traditional games as well as experimental and branded slots.


The company offers gaming in all popular currencies, to which they have decided to add cryptocurrencies. At the moment, that means that players can use bitcoin when depositing and withdrawing. These blockchains seem to be becoming the next big thing in gambling, though at the moment they offer very little when it comes to actual benefits. It remains to be seen how well this move will play out in the future

Progressive jackpots for table games

One of the more interesting features found in Asia Live Tech games are the progressive jackpots for table games. This is not an entirely new idea, for example in poker bad beat pots have been a thing for long. Similar pots haven’t really been offered for blackjack, roulette or any other table games for that matter.

Being that the pots are progressive it might take some time until they reach the kind of numbers that will draw players en-masse. For now, they serve as evidence of innovation that is not present with other live-casino providers.