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    Blackjack with Early Payout runs on Distance Gaming software, uses six 52-card decks and up to three hands of play, and has Doppelganger side bet! You can also play online Blackjack with Early Payout with real dealers and live video feeds at Lucky Live casino.

    This online blackjack review pertains to the “auto” version, which deals strictly with untimed bets and cards distributed by an imaginary dealer, aka the random card generator.

    Featuring a Doppelganger side bet, Blackjack with Early Payout not only provides several different wagering options; it also gives online blackjack players a chance to minimize the risk of their hand by offering an Early Payout option.

    Think of Early Payout as a sort of “insurance” for the Dealer. He knows your hand has a chance to beat him, and he’ll offer you reduced winnings to stand down in the case that he loses.

    Someone also explained to me that Early Payout is like the eBay “Buy It Now” feature; you get the win at a bit of a discount, but at least it’s yours to keep.

    Other than that, the game remains fairly consistent with other online blackjack games: beat the dealer with a score of 21 or the closest to it without going over.

    Blackjack with Early Payout wagering is pretty straightforward. Place a wager on the hands you’d like to play, and the side bets you’d like to participate in. Table limits will change from time to time, but they typically hover from 5.00 to 200.00 credits per game.

    The optional Doppelganger side bet pays whenever the first two cards are a pair. How close they are to matching will determine if you get one of the following:

    • A 6:1 payout; same value, different colors,
    • A 12:1 payout; same value, same color,
    • Or a 25:1 payout; same value, same suit.

    Play Basic Strategy Blackjack with Early Payout in either its live or auto version and see how these slight variations can spice up the traditional blackjack game. Both are available at Lucky Live online casino oday.


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