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    Blackjack is a card game where you beat the dealer with a score of 21, or the closest to it, without going over, in this online classic game of adrenaline and basic math.

    Lucky Live Casino offers several versions of Blackjack, all using Distance Gaming software, including one live version called Basic Strategy Blackjack with Early Payout, which features a live croupier and instant feedback via video feed.

    In this version of online blackjack, however, the game is pretty straightforward, relying on a Random Card Generator for its shuffling techniques, and letting its online blackjack players take control over the timing of the game.

    Wagering in online Blackjack, using Distance Gaming software, is a matter of placing a bet within the table limits of 1.00 to 300.00. With such a generous range, you could have plenty to spare to place a chip on the DoppleGanger side wager.

    With the availability of the DoppleGanger side wager, players can bet on the presence of pairs in their original two-card hand. Here’s how it could shake out:

    • Mixed DoppelGanger: When your first two cards are the same value but different colours, you’ll get paid 6:1.
    • Colored DoppelGanger: Get 12:1 odds when your two cards are of equal value and colour.
    • Pure DoppelGanger: This pays out 25:1 when the first two cards match identically.

    Since this game of blackjack is played with six 52-card decks, same-value cards are definitely out there. As it is with side wagers, they are completely separate from the outcome of the game.

    You’ll get paid on your side wager prior to the actual game commencing.

    Splitting is allowed once, and doubling can occur on every hand, with only one more card allowed.

    Enjoy this and other blackjack online games, including a multi-hand auto-blackjack, at Lucky Live Casino.


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