Thanksgiving Bonuses

thanksgiving-bonusWith so many holidays, special events, and occasions taking place every day, online casino operators needn’t worry about running out of inspiration. If you’ve got the feeling that people around you are inquiring about good recipes for cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie, then you can be certain that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. 

Year after year, more and more casino operators organize themed bonus campaigns, wanting to give players a completely new perspective on a certain holiday. Filled with bonus cash and casino spins (ideally, both in one package), these promo offers are meant to extend your gaming sessions and reveal a couple of interesting facts about this large event which celebrates the harvest and other blessings of the past year. 

ABCs on Claiming a Thanksgiving-inspired Bonus

Sometimes, all a player needs to do is press the “Claim” button, and a bonus is automatically added to the account, provided that a qualifying deposit has previously been made. In some cases, it may be granted as a no-deposit bonus

Sometimes, a coupon code is needed to activate it. If so, make sure no letters and/or numbers from the code are missing, so as not to end up with a code that’s not working. Also, check the expiration date. 

Lastly, if none of the above mentioned is the case, players should reach out to customer support and ask the agents to add the bonus manually. A vast majority of online casinos have live chat, so the process should be completed rapidly. 

Tips & Tricks on Getting the Most of Thanksgiving Day Casino Bonuses 

There are a couple of details which need to be checked before a bonus is claimed, to avoid unpleasant situations. The process is quite simple and it will take a couple of minutes of your time, but be sure that they will be wisely invested.

Here’s a list of questions that need to be answered: 

Once you do so, all there’s left is to enjoy your freebies and play some games. By the way, these questions can be quite handy with any other bonus you intend to claim, so make sure to memorize them. 

Entertaining Facts About Thanksgiving Day

Perhaps the most surprising fact about Thanksgiving is the one that has to do with turkey. Unlike what most of you would assume, turkey wasn’t on the menu during the very first celebration ever held. It is highly likely that lobster, seal, and swans were on plates. 

Did you know that Thanksgiving leftovers led to the first-ever TV dinner? Also, all the turkey grease, potato peels, rice, and stuffing clogs the drain in an instant, which is why the day after Thanksgiving is especially busy for plumbers. 

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Bonuses

There are no Thanksgiving Bonuses currently, check back next year.