Cyber Monday

how_to_claim_a_cyber_monday_bonusBlack Friday comes and goes, but the shopping mania one more homage to shopping is just around the corner. Wanting to encourage people to shop online, retailers brainstormed on how to create a digital counterpart to Black Friday, and that’s in short how the idea of Cyber Monday was born. 

Naturally, online casino operators didn’t want to fall behind, so they started thinking of ways to celebrate and decided to contribute to this whole craze in the best way they could. Below is the list of the very best Cyber Monday-themed bonuses and promos alongside some cool tips. 

How to Claim a Cyber Monday Bonus? 

All bonuses in online casinos, regardless of the holiday they are dedicated to, work more or less the same way. Sometimes, the only thing a player needs to do is make a deposit, after which the bonus will be automatically added to his/ her balance. 

Some operators decide to treat players with no deposit offers activated via special bonus codes/ coupons. Keep in mind that they can be used for both offers that require no deposit to be placed as well as for those that are deposit-based. 

Finally, some bonus offers become active only when unlocked manually, with the help of a customer support agent. Most frequently, this is done via live chat, as it is faster and more convenient, but it can also be completed via e-mail. 

Important Tips on Cyber Monday- Inspired Bonuses 

Despite the fact that the claiming process is rather simple, don’t just press the “claim” button the very minute you spot an attractive bonus. 

First of all, find out more about wagering requirements and max cashout limits. If you are supposed to meet overly high playthrough requirements only to cash out a couple of bucks, ask yourself- is the bonus really worth it? 

Also, take a look at the participating games, and contribution percentage per game type. In most cases, slot titles contribute the most, except for Jackpot slots, which are fully excluded from participating. Other genres usually count between 5% and 20%, but that depends from one casino to another. 

Last, but not least important, check how much time you actually have to meet the WRs and use your bonus credits. 

Black Friday VS Cyber Monday- Who Wins the Battle? 

black_friday_vs_cyber_mondayAs both days are referred to as the biggest shopping days of the year, it’s hard to tell which day is better for the best shopping deals. What both of them have in common are heavy discounts on all sorts of items, including tech gadgets, clothes, and accessories. 

If camping in front of the shopping malls the whole night and stampeding into the stores alongside hundreds of people the very minute they open, then Black Friday will probably be your cup of tea. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of such chaotic scenarios, you’ll probably enjoy exploring the best Cyber Monday bargains online. 

When you go shopping, make sure you carefully read the Terms and Conditions, so as not to end up dealing with unpleasant surprises. Do the same before claiming any casino bonus. 

Happy Cyber Monday & gamble responsibly!

Cyber Monday

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