$250k Cashback Milestone Reached by Winaday and Slotland


Big promotions come and go, but programs that stick around for the long run and that give players lots of value over time really persist. We've recently seen a big milestone broken along these lines thanks to Slotland Casino and Winaday. This milestone comes for having more than $250,000 paid out as a part of their cashback program, which is one of the cornerstones of their promotional lineup.

How the Cashback Program Works

The cashback program at these sister casinos works in a way that's very smart. Players have 20 percent of their deposits added to a cashback account, and they can cash in on this cashback whenever they want. This works a lot like a never-ending 20 percent rebate on all of their deposits, and it started in 2012 as one of their main promotional vehicles. Instead of having different bonuses with terms and conditions that change all the time, players can let this cashback account grow as long as they want before they cash in and have it transferred to their main account.

The Advantage of These Types of Promotions

There are two main types of promotions in the online casino industry. On the one hand, you have the promotions that are one-off deals, which are what most bonus promotions operate as. On the other hand, you have ongoing promotions that give you a deal that you can take advantage of over and over again. The rewards for each individual time you take advantage of the latter are usually smaller, but they add up to a greater total over time because you can use them as many times as you want. This is the advantage to promotions like this cashback deal, and you can see how it really works over time since more than $250,000 has now been given out as a result.

About Slotland and Winaday

Each of these casinos uses the proprietary software from Slotland. It includes a selection of games that you can't find anywhere else, and they accept US players. Most of their games are tied together into the same progressive jackpot pool as well, and this means that you can walk away with a major payout on just about anything they have to offer.


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By Jesse Eddleman