Super Slots Casino Online Blackjack Tournaments

Learn to play card games at Super Slots casino in free online blackjack tournaments. And for buy-in fees, you can play one-on-one, or other tourneys against many others for a larger prize pool. If you are new to the Super Slot Casino blackjack games, or to be more precise to their online casino, grab their bonuses first to get more hours of fun for your hard earned dollar.

Almost anyone who has knowledge on how to play blackjack can win prize money, whether it's in the free games or in real money games. Playing in Super Slots Casino blackjack tournaments is fairly easy once you learn when their games start, and the information you need is below.

There are three different types of Super Slots Casino blackjack tournaments you can play in; Free Blackjack and Head to Head (one-on-one) which are during the week with prize pools, and the Weekend Blackjack Classic which takes place on weekends with a larger prize pool.

Super Slots Casino Free Blackjack Tournaments

The Super Slots Casino free blackjack tournaments are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, with no entry fees and a good way to learn how to play in online blackjack games:

Players can learn how to play in these free blackjack tourneys and even earn a little free cash in the process.
Once you think you're ready to play in the real money games, or if you're good enough to begin with, check out the latest promotional offers with Super Slots Casino bonuses (if you've never played here before) and get more boost for your buck.

Super Slots Casino Head to Head Blackjack Games

Super Slots also offers their players a chance to see who's the best; with "Head2Head" blackjack games. Play one-on-one games against friends or others who think they have what it takes to take your cash. Play Head2Head games:

Super Slot Casino's $5,000 Weekend Blackjack Classic

The Super Slots Weekend Blackjack Classic games start on Fridays at 12:01am to Sundays at 11:00pm EST. Registrations will begin on Fridays at 12:01am and end on Sundays at 10:00pm EST. The Blackjack Classic fees and other info are as follows:

The Vegas Strip Blackjack game is normally played in all blackjack games and you can get the full details through your Super Slots online casino software. Since the games names and prize information can change, be sure to read their "Terms and Conditions" for all bonus play and other information that may pertain to their online games.

Play the net's fastest growing card game in Super Slots Casino blackjack tournaments
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