Vic's Bingo Rules

Fairness Statement

They believe that their system is designed to be 100% fair to all players. In other words for example: when someone yealls bingo, it does not halt the game, until everyone has all the numbers, that was called to have bingo.(This is due to some having a slow internet connection, instability of internet, and physical location on the globe.)

General Rules

Must be 18 years of age or older to play at Vic's Bingo.

Only ONE active account per person. If more than one account. All winnings on duplicate accounts are VOID. Also the name on the account must match name on credit card, or any form you used to deposit into that account. All winnings we be deposited into players account. The minimum cash out is $50. Cash outs can only be winnings, bonuses can not be cashed out.

Free Money

The $5.00 sign-up bonus is only good, with original first time sign up. To recive this bonus, you have to email help desk. Multiple accounts made by same person will not recieve the $5.00.

Any winnings made from this bonus money can be redeemed if and only if the amount of cash out is above the $50.00 (which doesnot include a $10.00 service charge fee customers will be charged to cash out.

The max redemption amount a player can obtain due to winnings made from existing and previous free money is $150.00. Any person who tries to go over this limit will have funds returned ot his or her account and they have to be played entirely.


Bonuses can only be played in Bingo.

Players must wager 4 times (effective for deposits made after 02/10/06) their purchase amount or spend 95% of their deposit when trying to meet wagering requirements; Example:( if you deposit 20.00, you have to play 80.00 in cash) this is valid for both bonus purposes and cash out purposes; players who attempt to cash out any winnings prior to having met wagering requirements will have their bonus cancelled and this process cannot be undone; please make sure that you do want to cash out prior to meet the requirements.

Players who cash out before meeting wagering criteria, will have their withdrawal request declined. Bonus credits may not be cashed in, and must be put into play once received. Please keep in mind that our balances are distributed in two balances that make up for your total balance; your banking balance and bonus balance and our system will always play the banking balance before it starts playing our bonus balance; your banking balance will always be the one you will be able to cash out. See their site for up to date bonuses.

Cash outs are done on Mondays.

Only players whose total amount of withdrawals are higher than their total lifetime deposits will have their Bonus balance removed from their accounts when a withdrawal request is made. When such players request a payout, all bonus money is removed from their balances automatically and the process is irreversible. If your lifetime deposits are higher than your history of withdrawals you are not subject to this rule and you will be able to keep your entire bonus balance.

At our discretion, accounts that have repeat deposits and corresponding withdrawal requests placed, with the intent to abuse the bonus program, will have the bonus money plus our costs deducted from any pending payouts, and the bonus function disabled for their account. Repeat offenders will be deactivated.

The maximum deposit amount you can submit at Vic's Bingo is $500.00 USD per 24 hours after your last deposit has been made. In some cases, depending on your account status, depositing method or personal requests from the player, this maximum depositing limit may be higher or lower than that. All accounts by default, when created, will have a $500.00 USD limit per 24 hours. The maximum bonus amount you can retrieve from any promotion will be the percentage that falls under the promotion that will be running at that time.

People who abuse of any ongoing free money promotions will have all of their accounts closed.

For players who have never made a deposit at Vicsbingo or players who have not deposited any funds within the last 14 days before they use these free funds, they must wager the equivalent of 20 times the free money given before they are entitled to cash out any winnings made. For example, if $10.00 USD were credited to your account, you must wager $200.00 USD before you can cash out any winnings. See thier site for up-to-date details.

Vic's Bingo is aware that some free bonus links may be posted in other sites or through out forums or the information that the potential player received has been sent to others who didn't receive it. If Vicsbingo has enough grounds to prove that a player did NOT receive that particular promotion through the exclusive means that this promotion was sent out to, we will not honor any payout requests from the player, even if he/she has met wagering criteria.