Vic's Bingo Chat Games

Toy Box

Win and pick a number 1-75 and win a naughty prize for you and your nabors. Each number reveals a prize of various origin, size and color with awards of anywhere from $2.00 USD* to $4.00 USD*. After a number is found it is retired. If you choose a number already retired you will get to pick again.

Lucky Number

You pick one lucky number. You can keep that number for as long as you like or change it once a month. If someone bingo's in chat on your lucky number. Call out "lucky number". Depending on how many are in chat you will be awarded anywhere from $1.00 USD* to $5.00 USD*.

Mini Races

Pick a number 1-15. If all the numbers going across come in first you win $2.00 USD*. Example horse 1 would be 1, 16, 31, 46, 61! Only the first two horses in win. Player must call "Trifecta" only played on games with all the numbers used.

2 Out

Give the Host any three numbers 1-75. When two of your three numbers are out say "2 out" in chat. The first two players to call win $2.00 USD*. This game is only played on games with all the numbers used.


Give the Host one number from the b row (1-15), one number from the i row (16-30) and one number from the g row (46-60). When all three of your numbers are out yell "big" in chat to win $2.00 USD*. First two players to call win.


Give the Host two numbers 1-75, If your two numbers come out first type "bongo" first two calls wins $2.00 USD*. Bongo is only played on games with all the numbers used.

Bee in Your Row

Pick a number from the "B" row (1-15). If the number bingoed on is in your row you win $2.00 USD*. For example you pick 1 and the number bingoed on is 1, 16, 31, 46 or 61, it is your row and you win $2.00 USD*. You must answer the Host for your bonus before next game start.

Biscuits and Gravy

Grab your biscuit (any b 1-15) smear it with gravy (any g 46-60). The first two roomies to do this holler "gravy" get $2.00 USD* each.

B-N-O Railroad

Give the Host one number from the b row (1-15), one number from the n row (31-45) and one number from the o row (61-75). When all three of your numbers are called say "trains here" in chat to win $2.00 USD*. First two players to call win.

Shoot Goober

Choose four numbers between 1-75, those are your bullets. Hit your target twice for $2.00 USD*, three times for $4.00 USD* and if all your bullets hit their mark you win $6.00 USD* within the first ten calls. Please email your four numbers to with shoot goober in the subject line. This game will be played on all the patterns with all the numbers in play. The Host will announce all the winners and if you reply before next game start you win!

Six Pack

Choose a number 1-75 get a six-pack with your number (like the bingo pattern). Be one of the first three roomies to burp for $2.00 USD*. Type in "burp" to collect your bonus.

Hot Ball

Bingo on G51 for $4.00 USD*, bingo on any number ending in 1 or 5 for $3.00 USD*. If a roomie bingo's and it is not a hot ball number then the nabors get $2.00 USD* each.

Goober Stinks

Tell the Host one b (1-15) and one o (61-75) bo. When both of your numbers are called, be the first three players to call out "Goober stinks" and you win $2.00 USD*.

Lets Make a Deal

Bingo in chat and we take the last number you bingoed on. You can either take $2.00 USD* or guess higher or lower on the next ball out of the next game. Get it right and you double your bonus for $4.00 USD*. Get it wrong and your nabors get $2.00 USD* each.

Mixed Up Nabors

Ball bingoed on determines the nabors for $2.00 USD* each.

Pass the Lucky Dauber

The roomie that bingo's get the lucky dauber and $3.00 USD*. The lucky dauber gets passed from roomie to roomie with each win. The roomie holding the lucky dauber at the end of the hour wins an extra $5.00 USD*. Remember to reply for your bonus.

Roomie Trivia

The Host will give the first question as apposed to a roomie, the roomie with the correct answer wins $2.00 USD* and gives the next question on the next game pattern. We continue on for the time allowed.

Goober's Five Letter Words

The Host will give you a five-letter word including the first letter. The first roomie to guess the word gets $3.00 USD*. Once you have answered three correct words you become a cheerleader.

Me Awake

When a roomie wins be one of the first two players to yell "me awake" for $2.00 USD*.


Bingo and avoid the whammy. Upon your win the Host will start typing numbers 1-2-3 Ect. Yell stop to see what you have landed on (remember don't get a whammy).

Goober's Guts

Mystery nabor receives the amount of the first g ball out added together divided by 2. Mystery nabor is determined by the g ball amount. Example if G46 is the first g out then 4 + 6 = 10 divided by 2 = $5.00 USD* for the 10th nabor down.

Red Whine and Cheese

Choose one i (16-30) for your wine and one o (61-75) for your cheese. When both numbers come out be one of the first three roomies to yell "whinner" to collect your $2.00 USD


Chat is divided into two Teams. Object of game is to bingo and score for your team. All players in game with a minimum of 4 cards wins a bonus. The bonuses are determined by 1st place or 2nd place. Then bonuses are adjusted for time in game and whether you were active in chat cheering your team on. So if you can't make it for the whole game no need to worry, you can still play and win. Are you ready for some football?

Who Wants to be a Goobalaire

Win in chat Jazzy will ask you a question (not too easy). If you know the answer great!! You win $4.00 USD*. You have three lifelines you can use, 50/50 which deducts $1.00 USD*, ask the roomies which also deducts $1.00 USD* or call a nabor above, you lose $1.00 USD* but your nabor gets it. You could win $4.00 USD*, $3.00 US *, $2.00 USD* or $1.00 USD* depends on how many lifelines you need.

Rack em up, but watch that 8, don't scratch!!

Choose a number from 0-9, except for 8, each time a number ending with your number comes out within the first five balls called, you win $1.00 USD*. If a number comes out ending in 8 the ball is scratched and game over, Goober wins !! Just say "rack em" when Host announces your number wins to claim your bonus.

Match Game

Bingo you give the Host two numbers 1-50. The Host will reveal two game pieces with prizes. If the two pieces revealed are a match prize is won. It is player's responsibility to keep track of hidden prizes in order to make a match.

Goober's groovy music trivia

The Host will ask different trivia questions related to music, all you need to do is be the first to answer correctly wins $2.00 USD*.

Piggy bank

Choose a number 1-75, when your number is called yell "feed da pig" and if you are one of the first three to call then you will win $2.00 USD* and I will add $1.00 USD* to the piggy bank, at end of game and at the end of the hour the person with the most calls tallied wins the piggy bank. Only patterns where all the letters are used.

Big balls

Bigger the balls the better. Each time you get bingo in my chat call out "big balls" and your number. Example if you bingo on G56, type "big balls 56" before the start of next game. At the end of my shift I will add up your numbers the player who has the highest score will win 20.00 for my shift. This is not every shift and limited to Jazzy's only.

Birthday game

The Host will take the month, day and year of your birthday, if your numbers come out, yell "bday" and your birth date. 1st place gets $2.00 USD*, 2nd and 3rd place get 1.00 USD* each. Example if your birthday is March 23,1961 you would give the Host 3-23-61.


Choose a number 1-75, If your number comes out on the 1st ball called you get $3.00 USD*, in 2nd-5th ball called, you win $2.00 USD*, 6th- 15th ball called and you win $1.00 USD*. Just call out "roulette" in the first fifteen numbers called.

The "big" Goob

Choose three numbers (b-i-g). When your numbers come out be the first to yell "big". The 1st player to claim "big" wins $3.00 USD*, 2nd to claim wins $2.00 USD* and 3rd player to claim wins $1.00 USD*.

I love bingo

Choose a number 16-30 when you're number is called yell "I love bingo" first two players to call it wins $2.00 USD*.

Over the rainbow

Choose a color blue, red, white, green, or yellow. If the first ball out is your color yell "over the rainbow" and win $1.00 USD*.

321 Bingoooo

If in chat and bingo on a "b" get $1.00 USD*, bingo on a "i" get $2.00 USD*, bingo on a "n" get $3.00 USD*, bingo on a "g" get $2.00 USD* and Bingo on a "o" get $1.00 USD*. Winner must type "321" when you bingo in order to receive the bonus.


Give the Host a color of a bingo ball, blue, red, white, green, or yellow. The last number called determines the color for each game. All chatters that chose that color win $1.00 USD*. If you call for your bonus before next game start you win!

Love thy nabor

If your nabor above or below you wins yell, "love they nabor" for $1.00 USD*. Roomies must call for the bonus before next game starts.


Choose one g (46-60), one i (16-30) and one g (46-60). When all three numbers are called yell out "gin", first two roomies get $2.00 USD* each.

Connect 4

Give the Host one number 1-75. If you get four numbers touching in a row diagonally, in a box, or horizontal win $2.00 USD* each. The first two roomies to yell out "connect 4" win.

Eight ball

Bingo in chat on B8 for $3.00 USD*, bingo on any number ending in 8 (18, 28, 38, 48, 58 or 68) get $2.00 USD*. If a roomie bingo’s and it is not an eight ball number then the nabors get $1.00 USD* each if you call out "my nabor won".

Duck eggs

The lizards have kidnapped my eggs. They mixed them up with all kinds of eggs. Win in chat and chose a number 1-75. Bonuses are hidden under each egg. You win the bonus under the egg. Save my eggs!


Host picks a number. Each roomie gives the Host a number. On all games with all the numbers played, if your number is called before mine, you win $1.00 USD*. Just yell "tag" for your bonus.

Treasure ball

The first number out, first game of my shift is the treasure ball. It is worth $10.00 USD*. Win on this number anytime during my shift and you get $10.00 USD*. One win per day per person. If no one wins, we carry it over to the next Tuesday and add $5.00 USD* per day. Game runs Tuesdays 5:00 PM To 11:00 PM EST.

Crazy taxi

Give the Host two numbers. When you "stop" on both, yell, "beep beep". You get $2.00 USD*, your passengers (nabors) each get $1.00 USD*. Not bumper cars, be careful speeding tickets will be given.

Lucky stars

Give the Host your lucky number 1-75. When it is called, put a star in chat. First three roomies to get that star out win $2.00 USD* each.

Goob's guess

Bingo and remember the number you won on. Guess whether the first number next game will it be higher or lower. Win $2.00 USD* if you're right.

Pass the Flower

Every time a roomie wins, the flower is passed to the winner to hold and we add $2.00 USD*. Nabors get $2.00 USD* each. At the end of the half hour the roomie holding the flower gets the bonus.

Teachers and Students

Starting with the first game of the hour, the roomie who bingo's becomes the teacher for the hour. Using the last number you bingo on becomes the teachers number for the hour. Every time that number comes out the teacher gets $2.00 USD* and picks two students to receive $2.00 USD* each also. This is for active chatters only!

Pick a corner

All in chat picks a corner 1 2 16 17, 14 15 29 30, 61 62 46 47, 74 75 59 60. When all your numbers come out in your corner you type in chat "out of my corner" you have escaped your corner and get $1.00 USD* each for every person in that corner that calls.


Bingo in chat you get to chose to either go first or second. If you chose to go first, the first three numbers out added up is your dart score. The second lot of three numbers added up is Goober's dart numbers. If you chose to go second it would be the opposite. If the winner gets a higher score you get $4.00 USD*. If Goober wins, the nabors get $3.00 USD* each!

Missing ball

Give the Host three numbers 1-75. Using the first twenty balls out, if all three of your numbers do not come out you receive $2.00 USD*, you must call "no balls and your three numbers" in order to qualify for a bonus. This game is only played on patterns with all the numbers used.

Gone fishing

Bingo in chat you get a chance to go fishing, but the catch is you don't want to catch a snapping turtle (any number ending in 5) using the first five numbers out the following game if no numbers ending in 5 including 5 come out you avoided the snapper for $3.00 USD*. If you catch a snapper you still get $1.00 USD* for trying.

Mirror image

Choose two numbers that are mirror images. Example 12 and 21 and 24 and 42, when both your numbers come out you type "mirrors". First three roomies to call "Mirrors" wins $1.00 USD* each.

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