• Bingo Rules for SuperSlots Bingo

    Fairness Statement

    We believe that the Bingo for Money game system has been designed to be 100% fair to all players. Unlike a Bingo for Money where a player can YELL Bingo and halt the game immediately, Internet Bingo is played across the globe in many different time zones through a large network of interconnected routers and satellite connections.

    Although there are times when the Internet runs smoothly and network traffic arrives to it's destination on time, there are a number of factors that can prevent data from arriving. We want to ensure that when a player purchases a game card they have every chance of winning and that the outcome of the game is NOT affected by the:

    • Instability of the internet
    • Speed of one players internet connection over the other player
    • Physical location on the globe

    Claiming Prizes

    You must request a pay out. Players can request a pay out from their winnings only.

    Cash Redemptions are made possible when a user’s account exceeds a minimum of $55 from winning balance. Only user’s with a minimum deposit of $20 in the last 30 days. When you redeem cash from your “Deposit”, your comp balance WILL BE DEDUCTED proportionally according to your existing Deposit.

    Chat Room Comps

    The chat room comp WILL ONLY be awarded to players who have deposited funds at least once within the last 30 days.

    ONLY one account per household is allowed. Players with multiple accounts, all funds will be forfeited.

    Chat Room Comps Policy

    Chat room comps will be awarded to the players IMMEDIATELY in the chat room. There is no requirement of consuming all the credits in one's account prior to the award of the chat room comps.

    One will receive chat rooms comps:

    If the total amount of chat room comps* one has received since the last deposit is LESS THAN FIVE times (500% of) the most recent deposited amount.***

    One will receive 100% of the comps if one has deposited within the last 10 days.

    One will receive 50% of the comps if one has deposited between 11 to 20 days ago.

    One will receive 25% of the comps if one has deposited between 21 to 29 days ago.

    No comps will be awarded to the member if the last deposit is 30 days or more ago.

    The comps awarded to the member will be dependant on the amount of total purchase of bingo cards in the past 5 games. If the bingo card purchase amount exceeds $5.00, full 100% of the stated comps above will be awarded to the players.

    If the ultimate comps awarded to the member are less than $1.00, the member will receive:

    • $1.00 if one has deposited within 10 days ago.
    • $0.50 if one has deposited between 11 to 20 days ago.
    • $0.25 if one has deposited between 21 to 29 days ago.

    There is a $30 cap of bingo comps per day, but one will have the daily comp cap increased if one's net deposits** in the past 30 days from the most recent deposit is as follows:

    Net Deposit


    < $100


    $100 to $199


    $200 to $299


    $300 or more


    For special games such as Bingo War, Family Feud, 75 or Alive or any other special games announced by the CMs, the daily comp cap will be overridden and the comps will still be awarded to members in accordance to the above policy.

    Chat room comps are considered here, 1tg, credit rebate, 'at the post' (3, 4 or 6 bingo winning in a row)…etc. are not included in the consideration here

    ** Net deposit is the total deposit subtracting the total redemption of the said period.

    *** Redemption may be taken into account if the member has a past history of depositing minimal, receiving comps over 300 to 500%, and redeeming frequently that exhibit a pattern of taking advantage of our liberal policy. Exceptions may be made.

    Cash Out Policy
    Requesting payouts from account balance derived from deposits and not wins will be deemed a cash advance from SuperSlots and misuse of our online purchasing system. In such cases, SuperSlots may levy a surcharge to offset transaction and administrative costs. The surcharge fees will be no less than 50% of the redeemed amount:

    • Bingo -- you can redeem once daily, with a minimum amount of $55. There is no limit to your cash out amount. The processing will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    • Casino games - you can redeem once daily, with a minimum amount of $150. There is a limit of cash out amount of $1000 per month. The processing will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

      Our Webmaster will use his discretion to identify which redemption is considered to be a casino or bingo one. In the event that a member plays both bingo and casino games, and has been winning in both games, then the redemption will be termed as bingo if the total bingo winnings exceed casino games in the past 4 hours from the request, or vice versa
    • Limit one cashout per day
    • Bonus will be deduct when the player cash out any amount from the bank balance.
    • Payout requests will be processed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday ONLY - requests must be received by Midnight EST of the previous day.
    • Players can request payout within 30 days of their last deposit.
    • Our E-commerce agent will send the confirmation email to our player about the payout method.
    • When you cash out, if you have only purchased with a credit card, then Virtual Exchange will issue you a check. If you have previously purchased with another alternative payment method (such as Electronic Check or NETeller) we will send you the funds via the alternative payment method. Visa and MasterCard do not allow refunds back on your card.
    • SuperSlotsBingo reserve the right to deny a payout request

    Please note:

    Our e-commerce agent will request a photo ID and document that underlines the member’s current residential address (ex. utility bill) if the member’s lifetime deposit amount to more than $10,000. The request will be made by our e-commerce agent via email with return fax number or email address to facilitate prompt processing of your deposit.

    Similarly, if a member has requested an accumulated amount of $1,000 redemption, our e-commerce agent will also request a photo ID and document that underlines the member’s residential address.

    The ID check that is triggered by either the redemption or deposit is only requested once in the member’s lifetime.