Microgaming Bingo

In this review, we are going to be taking a brief look at the online bingo platform developed by Microgaming. When it comes to online gambling games, then Microgaming is one of the major players. Based in the Isle of Man, Microgaming was the first developer to launch a proper online casino, back in 1994. The full Microgaming platform consists of over 600 different online gambling games. These days, Microgaming is the software that runs many of the largest online casino sites in the world, such as All Slots and Bet365.

General Interface

Microgaming has developed a generic online gambling platform, that is easy for online casino operators to both license and integrate. The bingo games that Microgaming has developed, share this common platform.

However, this does mean that each online casino has as slightly different overall interface. The Microgaming platform powers the actual online bingo games. But the casino site itself is responsible for developing the interface for making deposits and withdrawals, and handling all other general online casino activity.

Microgaming is probably best known for its Quickfire online gaming platform. This is a full browser, desktop and mobile client that features many of the top Microgaming bingo games.

Whilst actually playing a game, the Microgaming interface is easy to read, and very intuitive to use. Graphically, Microgaming has one of the better platforms. All of its games, including bingo, use well designed graphics, which always look great. Sound is good, but not over the top. Overall, a very easy interface to use.

Bingo Games

Microgaming has developed a number of new online bingo games in the last few years. These are all 90 ball Bingo, 75 ball Bingo, 75 ball variant, 75 ball pattern or 75 ball classic Bingo. All of these are delivered using the Quickfire platform.

Each bingo game is linked via Quickfire to allow multiple online casino sites, to contribute to a single jackpot pool. This means that players who choose to play multi-site jackpot bingo, can with upwards of $250,000 in a single jackpot.

Just recently. Microgaming launched the Immortal Romance hybrid bingo game, the first of its kind. This is an online gambling game that mixes standard bingo, with online slot style features and bonuses.

Web Based Play

The Microgaming platform, and the bingo games that are available within it, works with all major browsers. A very useful feature, is that once a game has been downloaded via the browser, it never needs to be downloaded again unless the game software has been updated. This means that the first time you play a new bingo game; it can take a while to download. But every time you play it after that, it loads almost instantly.

Mobile Platform

The Microgaming mobile platform works on both Google Android and Apple iOS equipped smartphones and tablet devices. Each individual online casino has its own branded version of the platform. Unfortunately, this means that if you play at several different online casino sites, you will need to install each specific mobile app.

Performance wise, the app works very well. All of the Microgaming mobile bingo games look impressive, but the graphics are very lightweight. Overall, the Microgaming mobile platform is one of the best around.


Microgaming has had its ups and downs in the last few years. However, it is still one of the top online gambling game developers around. Microgaming powers many of the top casinos sites, and these sites have begun to implement more online bingo games. So the bottom line is, if you are in to online bingo, then choosing a Microgaming powered one is a good choice.

Microgaming Bingo