Bingo Rules for Miss Bingo

General Rules

Bonuses Terms

Deposit Bonuses - get up to 110%!
Example: deposit $30 using one of the preferred Methods (see below) we will add $33 to your bonus account.

Any subsequent deposit of $30, we’ll add $18 to your bonus account.
Preferred Methods are:  My Citadel, Neteller, Moneybrokers, Banker’s Draft or personal check, and wire transfer. ( does not include neteller insta-cash.) All other methods will still attract a 100% bonus on your first deposit, and 50% on all others.

Chat Room Bonuses

Bonuses that you earn in the Chat Room will be paid into your Bonus Balance and can be used immediately.

You can only qualify for Chat Bonuses if you are playing in the current bingo game and you are actively in chat. Players who have not purchased cards, will not be entitled to receive Chat Bonuses.

Your account, has two main balances, which are visiable at the bottom of left screen. Balance, which is winnings and cash. Bonus balance which is all your bonus bucks. (The cash is always played first.)

How it Works

When you receive a bonus for a Chat Game, it will be paid into your Bonus Balance and can be used immediately to buy bingo cards.

Remember, that any cash in your Balance is used before your Bonus money.

All deposit bonuses and some promotional bonuses have to be redeemed before they can be used for play.
These bonuses are redeemed by purchasing bingo cards or playing the in-game Slots or Scratch Cards. As you purchase bingo cards or play on the in-game Slots and Scratch cards, this bonus money is redeemed at the rate of 50% of the wager.

e.g. if you spend $2 on bingo cards, in-game slots or scratchers, $1 of any unredeemed bonus money will be redeemed. Bonus money cannot be cashed out and remains the property of Miss Bingo. Please note that if you withdraw funds, any bonus money in your balance account will be removed. If you do not wish to lose these bonuses, we recommend that you add sufficient funds to purchase cards to redeem bonus money into your Bonus Balance before making a withdrawal.

Cash out Winnings

Use the bingo software to make all your withdrawals. Click the 'Cashier' button on the main screen of the software then enter the amount you wish to withdraw in the space provided. Your withdrawal will be recorded with us immediately.

You will be informed by e-mail when we send out your winnings.