Rules for BingoFun

These Games are open to all Registrant(s) 18 years of age or older, and is otherwise void where prohibited by law. Registrant must complete the Publisher's official Registration Form in order to be eligible for prizes. During registration, each Registrant shall choose a Login name, valid for use in the Game once accepted by the Publisher. Eligibility to win prize(s) is conditioned upon completion of the Official Registration Form.

Eligibility of all Registrants to receive prize(s) after winning the Game is subject to, and conditioned upon, these Official Rules.

Bonus Rules

BingoFun has a generous bonus program - offering both high deposit bonuses and regular chat game and referral bonuses for players who join and participate in our active online community.


When evaluating bonus offers you should consider not only the size of bonuses, but the conditions that apply to them. You should also verify what percentage of your winnings will be paid in bonus money.

At BingoFun, all your winnings are paid as CASH - we do not dilute your winnings with bonus money.

At BingoFun you can view your Bonus status at any time by logging in to the Member’s area and going to the Account Balance page. You can also view all your bonus transactions for the previous 30 days by clicking on the History tab and then choosing the Bonus button.

In order to protect the interest of the majority of our players, the following rules apply to all bonuses:

Bonus Bank

The Bonus Bank is not your playable bonus money. The Bonus Bank button only appears when you have bonus money that is not immediately playable - in other words, when your total of bonuses to date is greater than your Bonus Limit. The Bonus Bank represents bonus money that you have earned but can only access when you deposit further funds. As you deposit more money, the balance in your Bonus Bank account is moved to your playable Bonus Account.

Your Bonus Limit is 2X your deposits OR, if you make a cash-out, 2X your cash balance after you cash out. You can see your bonus limit by going into the cashier and viewing your Account Balance. (Example: Deposit $20 and your bonus limit is $40).

To access your bonus bank:

Each time you make a deposit, you are entitled to earn twice that amount in Bonus money. Therefore, if you deposit $20, you will be entitled to access a further $40 of bonus funds. As you will have received a standard 50% deposit bonus of $10, a total of $30 will be moved from your Bonus Bank into your playable Bonus Account.

To see your playable bonuses:

If you hover your mouse over the "Credits" button, a small window will appear showing your Cash and Bonus account totals.

Bonus money is a reward for loyal players and is not intended to replace real money. When you make a withdrawal, the bonus money in your account will be reduced to a maximum of 50% of the cash in your account. Note that if you are cashing out new winnings, any winnings left in your account will not increase your bonus or Bonus Limit. If you withdraw all cash, then your bonus balances will be reduced to zero. Funds in your bonus bank are also removed when you make a withdrawal.

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