Blackpool Bingo Chat Games


Remember the fun... the itchy sack, the dirt in ya face as you plummeted to the ground LMAO... Well we have reinvented an old nightmare into a fun new game.

You will  pick a number, then you will be randomly assigned a partner to enter the potato sack race. The chat host will announce the teams and numbers in chat.

Need a keen eye and nerves of steel HAHA, watch as BOTH of your numbers are called and as soon as they are you BOTH need to yell OLLY OLLY OXEN FREAK in chat, and be the first couple to do so, to win 25p BB each.


Game of Trivia the first two players to correctly answer the Brain Teaser will do a Rock Paper Scissors Battle. The Host will count down the two players 3...2...1 , the two players must IMMEDIATELY reply with either Rock Paper or Scissors. The winning player will get £0.50 BB. If a player delays in shouting out either Rock, Paper or Scissors then that player will be disqualified and receive no BB.


You just give your Birth date to the Host example: 08/05/73 and when all the numbers in your birth date come out then YELL "Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" if you are the first player to Birthday Bingo in chat then you win £0.50 in BB.


Pick a number 1-90 and let the Host know your choice, the Host will also choose a number and let all roomies know the choice . When your number is called yell in chat" pile onnnnnnnnn" and your number before Host yells "pile onnnnnnn " and her number. Players beating Host to yell "pile onnnnnn" will win a point for a bonus at end of the specific time given by the Host. The player with the most points at the end of the time will win £1.


The chat game has a specific set start and finish time, which your Host will announce. During game time, when you Bingo and you are in chat you must yell out PARCELLLLL (if there are multiple in chat bingo winners for one game the first to yell it out will win for that game). After you have yelled out PARCELLLLLL you hold the parcel until there is a new in chat bingo winner and so on and so on until game time is over! When game time is over the player still holding the parcel gets £1 BB. Devilish fun : "Now Gimmie that blasted PARCELLLLLLLLL" HAHA.


Choose 4 numbers that are in a square, example 1, 19, 20 and 2. When those numbers are called be the first to yell our "sexxxxxyyyyyyyy squaaaaaaarrrrreeeeeessss" in chat to win £0.50 :)


You quite simply choose 5 numbers in a row on the Bingo Numbers board, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally and give them to the CH. When all 5 numbers are called be the first player in chat to yell out CONNECT 5 to win £0.50 BB.


Hour and half  of Trivia bliss :) Your wonderful Chat host will ask you all sorts of trivia questions! The first to answer correctly gets a point. The player with the most points at the end of the quiz wins £5! There will be questions for everyone :) some serious, some silly, and some tricky trickster ones! If you don't know the correct answer try something witty, you never know there could be random Bingo Bling awarded!


Can the Host swim? Knock them  into the water and win. OMG Remember those pools filled with water and the poor victim is sitting on a plank precariously above it?

In this game you are given three balls to hit the target and dunk your Host. You choose three numbers and choose your balls. When you see all three of your numbers called yell Dunnnnnkkkkkk in chat! You win £0.50, but mu ha ha ha ha you become the next victim on the plank. One Dunk per game.

If your numbers come up while you are in the tank then you win £0.50 for being undunked and the Host takes your place. If someone else wins, you are dunked HAHA!


The players directly on top of and below the in chat Bingo winner will receive £0.50 BB by yelling out UPSTAIRS or DOWNSTAIRS in chat UNLESS the Begger man or Thief yell out GOTCHA UPSTAIRS or GOTCHA DOWNSTAIRS first in which case they will win the £0.50 BB. The Beggar Man is the player two down from the in chat bingo winner and the Thief is the player two up from the in chat bingo winner.


Grab ya darts and lets get ready to rumbllllllleee!! Each players pick a number between 1 and 20 and let's the Host know what their number is. When the DOUBLE of that number comes out (for example, 9 is picked, so 18 would need to be called), the player types in 'Double 9'. The first player to do so wins 50p BB.

Keep your eyes peeled for a Bull's-eye!! If no doubles have been called and the number 50 is called then everyone who yells BULLSEYE in chat before the Chat Host yells STOPPPP will win 10p BB each.


What a  thrilling highs and the belly heaving lows!!! In this game each player chooses a number and lets the Host know. Numbers can only be taken once so be in quick to reserve your seat on the BB Roller Coaster.

Your number wins if it is the last number for the 1st line, 2nd line or full card. When your number wins yell out your best SCREAAAAAMMMMM in chat. The first SCREAM noticed wins for that game (there can be a total up to three winners per game). Now, this is where the fun starts! You have the choice of either taking the 50p BB or riding out the highs and lows.

When riding out the highs and lows if your number is called within the first 10 balls of the next game then you win £1 BB. If it isn't you win nothing! Zip, Nada!! So what will it be? Man or mouse?? Squeak squeak squeak LMAO


Who does the Host have with them in the phonebox this week?

The Host will give out clues as to what famous person or character. Each player only gets ONE guess. If nobody guesses correctly then in the next session of this chat game, another clue will be given, again, only ONE guess per player. This continues until the right answer is given.

The player who correctly guesses who we have with us in the Blackpool Bingo Magic Phonebox wins £2 BB. There will be a new famous person or character each week, unless the current one has not yet been guessed. If no player correctly guesses the famous person or character then we carry on with this mystery and the BB prize will continue to grow each week by £2 BB until it has been won.


Who is the Fairest of them all??? Each player will choose 2 numbers that mirror themselves (example: 18-81, 35-53, 64-46) and let the Host know their choice. The first player to have their numbers called and type in "Mirror Mirror on the wall I AM THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL (along with their numbers)", will win 50p BB.


You select a Nag (Number from 1-18) and let the Host know their choice. The numbers can only be chosen once. You can however have a syndicate own the Nag. The winning horse is the one that comes in first before the final CLAIM of the game is made. A horse "finishes" when all numbers across the flash board beginning with the number selected are called. For example, if a player chooses Horse #7, that horse will finish when the numbers 7, 25, 43, 61 and 79 have been called. The player with the horse that finished first wins 50p BB.


In this chat game, players pick 2 numbers (one with a 2 in it and one with a 4) and advise the Host. When your numbers are called, type in "Time for Tea and Scones (along with your numbers)". The first 2 players to do so each win 25p BB.


Well no fear of injury here. When an in chat player wins, the Host will take the winning bingo number and add it together to get a 1 digit number. Then we will hopscotch through the in chat players until we get 4 winners, each winning 10p BB. (eg: In chat winners wins on number 75. 7+5=12, 1+2=3, so from the In Chat winner every third person is counted up and down until we have 4 people).


Each player will choose a number for their Magical Woolly Jumper. They must let the Host know their number. When an in chat player wins, the Host will use their magical woolly jumper number to find out who wins some Bingo Bling. For example if a players number is 28, then the 2nd player up from the winner and the 8th player down will each win £0.50 BB.


Are you a Blackpool Bingo Survivor, Can you survive on sticks of Rock? LOL Can you handle the terror of the roller coaster? LMAO

Can you Out bingo, Out chat and Out last your roomies?

Each player chooses a number and let's their Host know. If your number comes out say "I'm a Survivor #!" and you remain in the game.

The Players whose numbers are not chosen or did not yell "I'm a Survivor #!" in chat are voted off the Blackpool Bingo Raft! The game carries on until we have just one Blackpool Bingo Survivor left. This player gets £2 BB for Out Playing, Out Chatting and Out lasting their fellow roomies. The game will then start again, if time permits.


The Host will have a word of the day that will be all jumbled up.

Collect all the jumbled words from the week and write an interesting wee story and send it to We will pick one players story and publish it in the Blackpool Bingo Scoop and award the player £5 BB


Got your wits about you for this game, and perhaps a calculator handy LOL!! Each player selects three numbers so that the last digits add to 21 (for example: 37, 59, 15).

The first player see all their numbers called needs to type PONTOON (#, #, #) in chat to win £0.50 BB.


Choose 4 numbers to make your Bling Ring ie 19, 38, 21, 2. 1st player to yell "One Bling To Rule Them All" gets 50p Bling. If there are no Lord of The Blings called by the time number 1 is called each player to yell "Preciousssss" before Host yells "Gollummmm" gets 10p.


The first roomie in Chat to yell "Around the world in 90 Balls" when 1, 18, 73 and 90 are called and win 50p.


Get ya ear muffs ready! PMSL The Host will give you the title of a song and the first person to give us the correct complete first line of the song wins 50p.


Remember the fun of trying to run with someone on your back?? In this game each player chooses a number from 1 to 8 and pairs up with another player. They decide who is piggybacking who and make a new number. (eg. 3 piggybacks 8 making 38 or 8 piggybacks 3 making 83). The race is won when both their individual numbers and the piggyback number is called. The first pair to call PIGGY wins 25p each.


Choose a number from 1-45 and let the Host know your number. The first player to have their number called shouts "DEAL or NO DEAL #". Then you decide, do you take the money and run?? Or try and double your winnings? You can either take 25p straight away by letting your Host know you want to DEAL. Or go for the 50p by yelling out NO

DEAL! If you choose NO DEAL, then your number must be called within the 1st 15 numbers of the next game to win the 50p. If your number is not called by this time, then you get nothing! Zip! Nada!! LOL


Pick a number and let your HOST know what it is. If your number is called within the 1st 10 balls called and you are the first to yell "GGGOOOOAAAALLLLLLLL" and you win 50p. If your number is called after the 1st 10 balls then be the first two to yell "CORNER" to win 25p each :) There can be either one GOAL win, or two CORNER wins per game :)

Your hOST has the power to red card you too!! Mu ha ha  ha so best you beware LOL


Player picks 5 numbers in a V shape ie 3 20 37 56 75 OR 47 30 13 32 51, once these have been called the first player to yell "BECKS BALLS" wins 50p Bling.

If no one has called yet and the numbers 52 53 54 are called all players to shout "He shoots" or "He scores" before Host Ref shouts stop/foul/blows whistle win 10p bling each.


This chat game your Host will yell "SITTTTT" at random times during chat, every player must yell "Chair" or "Cushion", the last player to do so has their chair or cushion whipped from under them Mu ha ha ha  PMSL! We play until there is one roomie left with something to sit on :) This player wins £1.


Easy peasy, but you will need to be a quick draw LOL. Every time you see the number 3 called be the first to yell MAGICAL 3's in chat to get a point. The player with the most points at the end of an hour will win £3. See easy peasy! LOL

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