Rules for Bingonanza

Fairness Statement:

The Bingonanza Game system has been designed to be 100% fair to all players. We continually work with our developers to reinforce our product’s reliability based on technical issues that have arisen due to the various factors associated with Internet Bingo.

Unlike a bingo hall where a Player can yell Bingo and halt the Game immediately, Internet Bingo is played across the globe in many different time zones through a large network of interconnected routers and satellite connections. Although there are times when the Internet runs smoothly and network traffic reaches its destination on time, there are a number of factors that can prevent data from arriving. These can include the following: Dropped connection.System Hang-ups, Internet Routing Issues, and socket errors.

Game System Protocol

The key goals of our 'Game System Protocol' is that the games are designed to be undeniably random, and most important, fair and enjoyable.

The outline provided here shows our game system is fair and completely random. Players are presented with random cards, which they can select at random. The 75 calls for the game are generated randomly AFTER the card sales have closed. The only factor that enters into determining a winner is the cards that players select on their own. There are no external or internal factors to assist or deter people from winning – it is purely a combination of card selection strategy and luck. In the event of a dispute, the Game Server logs are deemed as the official record of the game. If no winner is declared, based on the Game Server logs, players will receive a full refund for their game purchase and no prize money will be awarded.

Chat Game and other Bonuses

Only 1 account per household are allowed to recieve chat bonues.

Occasionally, we offer a $5 bonus to new member registrations. When in effect, the $5 free sign-up bonus is not eligible for payout. It is merely for trying Bingonanza. No winnings from the $5 free sign-up bonus can be cashed out unless the minimum $25 deposit has been made to your account PRIOR TO ANY win.

Winnings obtained through the use of Player Referral Bonus Awards can only be cashed out if you have made a minimum $25 deposit to your account PRIOR TO ANY win.

Winners must be an active player, playing bingo within the chat game, and have made a deposit within the last 14 days. A player can receive a maximum of $30 in Bonus Money per day.

Cash outs

The minimum payout amount you can request is $50. In order to be eligible to make a payout request, you must have deposited a minimum of $25 to your account.

Only one payout request may be made in any 48 hour period. Regardless of the 48 hour period, all multiple payout requests will be declined and the funds returned to your account.

Payout requests are approved by Bingonanza every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for those requests submitted before 12AM ET (midnight) the night before. Once we approve a payout request, it is sent to Virtual Exchange for processing. If a payout approval/processing day falls on a holiday, your payout request will be approved and sent for processing the next business day after the holiday. When you have a payout request pending, you may cancel or make changes to the payout request during this time. Remember, at Bingonanza we do not have any play through rules or wagering requirements applicable for players to make a payout request.

Please note: When you redeem your winnings and/or deposit, your Bonus Account shall be reduced proportionately to reflect the existing cash balance in your Player's Account. For example, if you have $150 cash in your account and $65 in bonus, if you request a payout of $125, your bonus account will be reduced by $40, to $25, to equal your remaining $25 cash balance. As well, all unqualified bonuses and the qualifying bonus will be lost and cannot be returned to your account.

Guidelines for Qualifying Bonus Money, Redeeming Winnings and Deposits
All deposit bonuses are added to your account as ‘unqualified’. It appears on the bottom of your Player Profile page.

We have a win/loss rule, which means that you have to spend 95% of your cash deposit before the unqualified bonus becomes qualified and available to use. For example, in the case of a $20 deposit you would have to spend $19 of it. However, if you win, and you do not spend 95% of your deposit, then you must wager 3 times your initial deposit before your unqualified bonus becomes qualified. In the example of the $20 deposit, you would have to wager $60 in order to qualify the deposit bonus. These are the only two ways a bonus can become qualified.

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