Bingo for Money Rules

Fairness Statement

We believe that the Bingo for Money game system has been designed to be 100% fair to all players. Unlike a Bingo for Money where a player can YELL Bingo and halt the game immediately, Internet Bingo is played across the globe in many different time zones through a large network of interconnected routers and satellite connections.

Although there are times when the Internet runs smoothly and network traffic arrives to it's destination on time, there are a number of factors that can prevent data from arriving. We want to ensure that when a player purchases a game card they have every chance of winning and that the outcome of the game is NOT affected by the:

Our developers have continued to evolve our award winning bingo software into what we believe to be the fairest and most reliable form of Bingo on the Internet. If you encounter serious technical problems or would like more information about our games, please contact our help desk.

Prizes shall be automatically deposited to our player account cash balance. Players can purchase games from their winnings or request a payout be mailed the address given at the time of registration. Players who wish to claim their prize money must request a "payout". This can be done by visiting the player's area and selecting the payout request link. However, please make sure that the mailing information is correct when you register in order to avoid mailing delays. (Other bonus and cash − out rules will follow)

The $5.00 sign-up bonus is good only upon original sign up. You must email our Help Desk at to receive these $5.00 Multiple accounts opened by one person will not receive the $5.00 bonus, and will be closed.

Sometimes Bingo for Money will have promotions going on which players will receive a bonus with no previous deposits required. (e.g. Free Money). Below you will find the rules players that apply the description below must follow:

Bonus Rules

Bonus money can only be used for Bingo, Cannot be used for slots.

Players must wager several times their purchase amount or spend 95% of their deposit when trying to meet wagering requirements; this is valid for both bonus purposes and cash out purposes; players who attempt to cash out any winnings prior to having met wagering requirements will have their bonus cancelled and this process cannot be undone; please make sure that you do want to cash out prior to meet the requirements. Players who cash out before meeting wagering criteria, will have their withdrawal request declined.

Bonus credits may not be cashed in, and must be put into play once received. Please keep in mind that our balances are distributed in two balances that make up for your total balance; your banking balance and bonus balance and our system will always play the banking balance before it starts playing our bonus balance; your banking balance will always be the one you will be able to cash out.

Only players whose total amount of withdrawals are higher than their total lifetime deposits will have their Bonus balance removed from their accounts when a withdrawal request is made. When such players request a payout, all bonus money is removed from their balances automatically and the process is irreversible. If your lifetime deposits are higher than your history of withdrawals you are not subject to this rule and you will be able to keep your entire bonus balance.

Bingo for Money will monitor accounts with repeat deposits versus withdrawal requests. At Management’s discretion, if it is determined that there is intent to abuse the bonus program, bonus money and transaction costs will be deducted from pending payouts or account balances. The bonus function will be disabled and repeat offenders will be deactivated.

Bingo for Money accounts can be re-enabled only when customers agree via email to receive a VIP level of a maximum 10% bonus for future deposit transactions. This policy is effective immediately but may be adjusted at Management’s discretion in the future. Strict adherence to this policy will be monitored by Bingo for Money.

The maximum deposit amount you can submit at Bingo for Money is $750.00 USD per 24 hours after your last deposit has been made. In some cases, depending on your account status, depositing method or personal requests from the player, this maximum depositing limit may be higher or lower than that. All accounts by default, when created, will have a $750.00 USD limit per 24 hours. The maximum bonus amount you can retrieve from any promotion will be the percentage that falls under the promotion that will be running at that time.

Customers can submit their withdrawal request at anytime. However, Bingo for Money only processes withdrawals from the system which is connected to our bank on Mondays. Your withdrawal request must enter the system prior to Sunday at 11:59 p.m. in order for our accounting department to process your request. If you have placed more than one withdrawal request, the first withdrawal entry will be the withdrawal processed; all subsequent withdrawals will be automatically declined. Bingo for Money will honor one payout per household only once a week.