Bingo for Money Chat Games

Qualification Rules

To be equally fair to all of the chatters a particular criteria has been set for any given customer to qualify for chat comps to be awarded to their account.

To be eligible for chat comps all players must be playing a minimum of 2 cards per game in the dollar stream, 4 cards per game in the quarter stream, and 10 cards per game in the dime stream and must have a real cash deposit into their account within the last 7-10 days and no pending withdrawal requests nor processed payouts (for processed payouts, a player will be eligible for Chat Comps until his/her next deposit after the payout processed).

Once a withdrawal request is made all pending chat bonuses and comps will be voided. Players who have a Redemption Flowback in their accounts in the past 48 hours will not be eligible for chat promotions or chat comps.

The actual amount that a player can receive in chat comps is also determined by the amount of the last real cash deposit as well as their VIP level. Players who abuse this feature of our program will have their account disabled.

The amount of comps you can receive from these games is proportional to your VIP level.

VIP Level 1-9 can receive 200% of their last deposit in chat comps.

VIP Level 10-11 are entitled to unlimited chat comps!!

Games Played

Here, is a list of the chat games that are being played inside the room; this list isn't definite nor does it include everything we play; it's just a small sample of the mechanism or games we play. For more information of what's being played feel free to ask our Host at any given time.


When the winner of the bingo game starts with the same letter as your screen name you win.

We provide all players a complete record of their transactions


Coverall patterns only.

Pick 3 consecutive (in a row) numbers under same column, The Host has B5-B6-B7 if all 3 of a chatters numbers are called before the Host's type (((I Beat The House))). First chatter to do so wins.


Choose 3 numbers that equal 21.

Once those numbers are called type (((Blackjack))). First chatter to do so wins.


Choose a number between 1-75 to be your block number.

Blocks run in sets of 5. Example: 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, and so on if the last ball called is your block number you win $2.00 and $1.00 if it's in your block.


Choose either B, I, N, G, or O tent.

Last number called determines what tent wins. All chatters that have chosen the letter of last number called win.


Choose a color of bingo ball, (Blue, Red, White, Green OR Yellow).

The first or last number called determines the color for each game (Host's choice on if it's the first or last number). All chatters that chose that color win 1.00.


The Host will ask a question. Chatters try to guess the #1 answer. First chatter to do so wins.


Choose any 2 B's and any 2 O's, once those numbers are called type (((4 Corners))) First chatter to do so wins.


Pick one B and one O (BO).

Once both numbers are called, type (((GILDA STINKS)) first chatter to call it wins. (Gilda being the caller's name in our Downloadable version)


Choose a lucky G, and I, and a N. once all 3 numbers are called type (((GIN))). First chatter to do so wins


Choose your number between 1 and 75.

Once that number comes out type (((HOTSEAT))). First chatter to do so wins $1 and gives the chatter of their choice gets $1.


Choose your 6 numbers and give them to the Host on duty, and all the other Host's until they are posted on the web site in our Keno Page .

Keno plays every game all the numbers are used. One call per game, first chatter to type (((KENO)) and it's verified by the Host wins.

Keno Pay outs


If the person above you or below you on the chatters list bingo's, type (((Love My Nabor))) as soon as they win to win.

If the nabor does not type it before the next game starts, the comp is forfeited.


The Host will give you a phrase or group of words (example.: "Ask Rude Arrive Her") chatters try to make sense of this nonsensical phrase. ("A Screwdriver"). First chatter to guess correctly wins.


Choose your number 0-9, if any number ending in that number is called in the first 15 numbers you win .25 per number called.


When someone in chat wins, using the last number called and adding that number together (i.e. O 66 = 6 + 6 = 12) then count that many up and down on the chat list from the winner to get the neighbors for 1.00 each.


When a chatter bingo's the person above them and below them on the chat list are their neighbors and win $1 each.


Choose a number between 1 and 75.

Once that number is called type (((NEXTOUT))). First chatter to do so wins.


Choose 2 odd numbers and 2 even numbers. First chatter to get all their numbers and type (((OPPOSITES ATTRACT))) wins.


Pick 3 lucky numbers. Once those 3 numbers are called type (((PICK THREE))). First chatter to do so wins.


Choose 2 B's and 2 I's OR 2 G's and 2 O's.

Once all 4 numbers are called type (((POSTAGE STAMP))). First chatter to do so wins.


Choose a number from 1-15.

When all numbers in the row are called (example. you choose 1, so 1-16-31-46-61 have to be all called) type (((RACES))).

First chatter to do so wins.


Choose your number 1-75, if that number comes out 1st the chatter gets $3, in 2-5 calls win $2, and after 5 calls win $1.

Type ((ROULETTE AND IN X NUMBERS CALLED)). First chatter to do so wins.


Ones in chat choose a number from each row B, I, N, G, AND O. Once all 5 numbers are called type (((I SPELLED BINGO))) First chatter to do so wins.


Choose a number from the B row, if that number comes before any other chatter type (((MONEY))), then choose to either take the comp or run for the money.

If the chatter chooses to run for the money, their B must come out in the next valid game to get double the money, if it doesn't half is awarded.


The Host will give you a list of 3 things; chatters try to determine what the 3 things have in common. First chatter to do so wins.


The Host asks a question on any topic. The first person to answer correctly wins.

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