Tactics To Use if You Throw Doubles

If you get lucky and throw doubles, you get to play the number four times, enabling you to get a powerful jump on your opponent. Typically, the player who throws the most doubles has the best chances of winning.

What if white rolls a double 4. He has several different ways to play and all can work to his advantage.

One of the best options near the beginning of a game if you roll Double 4s is to move two of your checkers from the 24 point to the 20 point and the other two 4s to move two checkers four places from the 13 point to the 9 point.

The reason it is good to move two checkers together to an unoccupied point: two checkers of the same color on a point constitute a made point. Your opponent cannot land on a point occupied by two of your checkers, though he may hop over it and move beyond your point.

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