BGroom Backgammon

BGroom closed its virtual doors in June 2018.

BGroom has a great slogan, where “BG is the Name, BackGammon is the Game”, and they cannot be more right with their multiple games available in their online Backgammon community.

Just for completing the registration process you will receive a Welcome Bonus to use in your real money gaming experience at this awesome Backgammon site.

For starters, BGroom you will show you how to get started with downloading of the game under their Getting Started tab. After your download and signing in is complete and you know how to play backgammon, you can receive a great first deposit welcome bonus for your backgammon gaming fun.

There is also a bonus under the ‘Refer a Friend’ tab if you know of others who like to play backgammon. Check out their site for bonus promotions, and be sure to check with the terms and conditions that apply with these bonuses.

If you have any questions about BGroom, first check on their site under the FAQ tab to help solve what questions you may need answered, or contact their 24 Hour Support, on the phone or in live chat.

While playing at BGroom, this help is available for you to make your backgammon time more exciting. If you have questions of how to play backgammon, click on the HELP tab to get the answers on the playing of backgammon and the rules.

The game of Backgammon is thousands of years old, and BGroom have found the way to industrialize the gaming standards within backgammon. BGroom has done this by monitoring and analyzing millions of dice rolls through extensive testing, to ensure the complete fairness with your backgammon gaming fun at their site.