Meta Tags Analyzer Tool

This tool will analyze a website's META tags. Although the use of META data is certainly in question, analyzing a competitors 'keyword' and 'description' META values is a good way to find ideas for key terms, and effective copy for your website.

Meta Types:


This should contain a short list of keywords and terms related to your site. Generally, they should be separated by a comma, but some people prefer not to use any sort of delimiter.

Description: This should be a brief description about your site, and what it offers. This is sometimes used by search engines as a websites 'snippet' for search results.

About Meta tags

At one point Meta tags where a considered a relatively important factor by search engines. AltaVista and other older search engines used them to help determine a site's theme, and relevance to a given term. This is no longer the case, search engines now rely on much more advanced techniques to do this. That said, META tags still have some life left in them; they are sometimes used as the snippet of a site's content in search engines results pages by Google, and possibly other search engines. It's also possible they still have a slight influence with some search engines in determining a site's content.

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