Showdown Online Poker

Showdown Poker is another interesting variation of the game of poker, similar to the poker game of Texas Hold’em. Unlike in Texas Hold’em, the player must choose between the 3 sets of face up cards dealt on the board and the dealer gets the highest cards not chosen.

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The Showdown poker online game is similar to video poker where the player strives to create a poker hand by going head to head with the dealer, but there are 3 choices to be made before you can win.

Once the player chooses which of the 3 sets of cards they wish to play in Showdown online poker, the five community cards are turned over to reveal if the player has won.

If the player has not chosen the correct highest set of cards, the dealer wins.

The winning payouts for players who beat the dealer:

Here is the twist, if the two cards a player chooses are not the best hand out of the three options available, the player does not win the hand.

Betting limits in the Showdown Poker online Boss Media game, range from 1 to 100 euros. If a player wins the hand they then have the option of trying to double their winnings by choosing the correct color of a face down card.

If you are feeling a bit low-down, have some fun playing Showdown online poker!

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