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    Kooka Keno Video Poker is the same set up as Joker Poker but there is a feature game included as well. A deck of 52 cards plus a wild Joker is used and the cards are shuffled at the beginning of each game.

    Payout is on two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, 5 of a kind, Royal Flush with Joker and Natural Royal Flush.

    Payouts for full house, 4 of a kind, straight flush, and Royal Flush vary depending on whether a Joker was used.

    On the deal you get 5 cards face up. Hold or discard to make the highest winning hand from these 5 cards. The Joker can be substituted for any card. When you click on draw, the discarded cards are replaced by cards out of the same deck to complete the hand.

    Any winning combination of full house or better will trigger the feature keno game. Once triggered, the bonus round goes a 2nd screen with 4 eggs. Choose one egg to determine the number of games awarded.

    You can win up to 5 keno games. Once you have chosen an egg and the games awarded, another screen will appear. This is the Kooka Keno board. Choose 10 numbers or use the auto pick to allow the game to chose the numbers and then click start.

    The payout table is located on the left side of the keno board. Any wins will be awarded multiplied by the original bet placed. You will return to the video poker game upon completion of the bonus games.