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    Joker Poker Highlights

    Joker Poker is a video poker game with Kings or Better to start, a wild joker, a double-or-nothing bonus game, up to 100-hands to play and when you line up the special Sequential Royal hand, you win up to 10,000 coins! Enjoy the Joker wild as you come up with poker combinations using NuWorks software.

    The Joker online video poker basic hand wagers.

    Will range from 0.05 to 5.00 credits, and you have the opportunity to place from one to five wagers on each game; making the minimum bet $0.05 with one coin and the maximum bet $25.00 with five a 5.00 credit wager.

    How to Play NuWorks Joker Poker VP.

    The main object of Joker video poker is to create one of the 12 poker hands as described on the pay table.

    When you play the game, you’ll be able to select which of the first dealt cards you’d like to keep by selecting them until they say “held”. The next deal around, all “un-held” cards are replaced (hopefully with something that you can work with).

    The Joker Poker Double or Nothing Game.

    All single-hand Joker Poker video poker games have an additional Double or Nothing game you can play at the end of any winning hand; if you’d like to make your recent winnings work even harder for you (don’t test them too much-there’s a chance they won’t come back).

    Joker Video Poker Pay Table.

    There are 12 hands that pay out according to the Joker Video Poker pay table, and you’ll need at least a pair of Kings or better to land on it and get a payout.

    The Joker wild will create two special hands near the top of the payouts:

    • The Royal Flush with Joker,
    • And the Five of a Kind.

    Also watch out for the Sequential Royal, which will award 10,000 coins on a 5-coin wager:

    • When a 10,
    • Jack,
    • Queen,
    • King,
    • and Ace,
    • Line up in that precise order.

    NuWorks Joker Poker VP Features.

    The Joker Poker online video poker game comes in multiple-hand games that are available for play:

    • Joker Poker 3-hand video poker.
    • Joker Poker 10-hand video poker.
    • Joker Poker 52-hand video poker.
    • Joker Poker 100-hand video poker.

    Even though there are several types of Joker Poker multi-hand video poker games to play, the payouts will remain the same in their pay tables.

    The player console, located at the bottom of the game screen, allows you to adjust several game features.

    From the amount of the coin to how many coins per hand to volume adjustments, past transactions, and game speed, you’ll have a customized Joker Poker experience within a few selections.

    The Help menu is accessible and extremely easy to follow, so if you are learning how to play Joker Poker video poker; that should be your first stop.

    Play Joker online video poker for yourself at your favorite NuWorks-powered casino.