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    Deuces Wild Online Video Poker Highlights

    Top Game’s Deuces Wild video poker is as quick, easy, and fun as it gets with a maximum payout of 4000 coins! Lay back and get comfortable.

    The pay table lights up with each win, the hold buttons are crisp and clear, and those Deuces keep on a-comin’.

    Deuces Wild video poker wagering.

    Has coin sizes ranging from $0.05 to $5.00, and multipliers range from 1 to 5, making your bet range from $0.05 to $25.00 per bet.

    Select your deuces wild poker bet limit by toggling the “+” or “-” beneath the coin amount, and adjust your multiplier by clicking on either the pay table or the buttons on the bottom of the game.

    How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker by Top Game.

    Once you’ve selected your Deuces Wild video poker bet, click “Deal” and let the cards fall how they may. You’ll be prompted to click “Hold” on the cards you want.

    Any card “unheld” will be replaced when you click the “Draw” button (hopefully with a better card). If you have a winner, the chimes will sing and you’ll see what your winnings are in the Win column.

    Deuces wild video poker game's Maximum Payouts are as follows:

    • Natural Royal Flush: 4000 coins
    • Four Deuces: 1000 coins
    • Deuces Royal Flush: 125 coins
    • Five of a Kind: 80 coins
    • Straight Flush: 65 coins
    • Four of a Kind: 20 coins
    • Full House: 15 coins
    • Flush: 10 coins
    • Straight: 10 coins
    • Three of a Kind: 5 coins.

    Remember, in this game every 2 is wild—so it increases your chances of creating one of the above winning poker combinations!

    You’ll have a chance to double your Deuces Wild poker bet every time you win, with the use of the “Double” button.

    If the "Double" button is selected; five cards will be dealt, with one revealed to you. You’ll have to select one of the mystery cards in hopes it has a higher point value than the face card displayed. If you guess correctly, you win!

    You can keep doubling as long as you keep winning. If you want to collect, just click the “Collect” button and then proceed to the next hand.

    Play Deuces Wild and play for the natural royal flush for a 4000 coin win!