Casino Hold'em Online Poker

Online Casino Hold’em is a one on one version of the ultra popular poker game of Texas Hold’em, played in many online casinos and growing in popularity.

Players have the option of making a side bet and a possibility of a 100 to 1 pay out on a royal flush!

The object of Boss' Casino Hold'em poker online game is to get the best possible 5-card hand using your 2 dealt cards and the 5 dealt community cards. The dealer must have a pair of fours or better to qualify in this version of poker.

Betting limits in Casino Hold'em poker range from 1 to 500 euros for the ante with the ability to double by calling. Bonus bets in Casino Hold'em also range from 1 to 500 euros.

In this Boss software version of Casino Hold'em online poker, players have the option of placing a side bet, or bonus bet. This bonus bet must be made before selecting the deal button, before the cards are dealt.

In order to qualify for the bonus bet in Casino Hold'em poker, the player must have a pair of aces or higher on the flop or after the first three cards are dealt.

If a pair of aces or higher does not show, between the two cards in your hand and the flop cards, the bonus bet is taken away.

Bonus bets in Casino Hold'em online poker can pay anywhere from 7 to 1 with a pair of Aces to a Strait, all the way up to 100 to 1 for a Royal Flush!

The Casino Hold'em Poker pay table is on the right side of the online game, for amounts on both the Ante and Bonus payouts.

Try for the royal flush while playing Casino Hold'em poker online!

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