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    yoloplay softwareBringing innovative gaming concepts, dynamic features, and latest technology breakthroughs, YoloPlay announced its presence in 2015. Motivated by the idea to provide the best online and land-based entertainment both to the customers and gaming brands, the team is eager to enhance the player’s experience to the maximum level. 

    Taking advantage of new levels of interaction with consumers…

    …the studio promises to deliver solutions compatible with either new demands or existing market’s needs. Thanks to intuitive and intelligent Responsive Game Design, high level of commitment to creating original, superior and innovative gaming products and services, the team stands good chances to become a favorite destination of the wide spectrum of customers and potential partners. 

    Adaptable and Contemporary Solutions for the Entire Industry

     Knowing that continuous innovations and smart solutions…

    …are crucial for surviving in the highly crowded industry, the studio established several firm pillars to build a solid foundation to develop their philosophy and business plan.

    Some of the core elements of their strategy include: 

    • Innovation, as fresh content and unique solutions, are necessary to maintain visibility
    • Responsiveness, as the main goal is providing seamless quality on all types of devices and platforms 
    • Compliance, as respecting guidelines in multiple regulated territories is necessary ingredient to remain present industry-wide
    • Responsibility, as promoting reasonable behavior is the only way to raise awareness and enjoy the games without experiencing issues 

    The studio cooperates with Gaming Laboratories to provide all the necessary data and documentation and gain approval for the integrity of applications in multiple regulated jurisdictions.

    By implementing HTML5 technology…

    …they are able to develop cutting-edge tools that are designed to reshape and level-up gaming experience of all types of players. The content is created to support up to Ultra HD+ (5K) resolution regardless of the device and orientation (landscape and portrait). 

    Their content is multilingual, with plenty of room for integrating new languages per demands of the specific market. Moreover, the releases are configured to operate in various currencies, again with enough space to implement new options if the need arises. 

    Aiming to deliver the highest level of satisfaction and engagement of punters, the company also relies on analytics as a way to improve and grow in the right direction. 

    Diversity of Services for Versatile Partners

    The creative and proactive team consists of talented, passionate and ambitious professionals highly committed to success. 

    The open and creative environment allows each team member to share the ideas…

    … while still being in accordance with the most stringent standards in the industry. The list of their services offers solutions to various types of potential partners, due to the high level of adaptability.

    The studio offers: 

    • Private Label, which can make any content (from their collection or custom developed) exclusive to the specific company 
    • Game conversion, to convert the existing titles and port them over to HTML5 Adaptive Game Engine in record time, implementing all the benefits that are already packed in the Engine 
    • Prototyping/Demo - if there’s a game idea or patent, the Game Engine and the knowledge their team possesses can transform it into reality in record time.

    Protecting and Valuing Consumers’ Privacy

    Ensuring that the confidentiality of personal data is protected and maintained responsibly...

    …the company is committed to conducting the business under the strictest Privacy Policy principles.

    Besides developing content which is suitable and compatible with various jurisdictions and imposed guidelines, the studio promises to protect personal information by utilizing reasonable security safeguards. The maximum level of protection guarantees data will be protected in various situations, such as against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.

    As your own contribution to maintaining safety at the highest level possible…

    …take time to check out Terms and Conditions featured on their page, as well as the Privacy Policy Section. Only by following the rules and knowing your rights, you minimize the chances for problems to occur. 

    Building Foundations for Multiverse of Games

    Even though at the time of writing this review their catalog of products looks quite modest, there are some hints about plans and upcoming creations.

    The lobby is sectioned in several categories…

    …hosting slots, card, bingo, lotto and keno as the types of releases to be expected. So far, the most equipped one is the department with one-armed bandits. 

    Chinese-themed 5-reel Shang Dynasty with 20 paylines is already available. Taking players back to the Yellow River valley in China during the second Millennium BC, the release evokes many inspirational legends about the Emperor and the Dragon. 

    Wanting to spice the atmosphere up…

    …the team implemented a set of powerful features such as Spawn Wilds, Sticky Wilds, and Sticky Respin extra spins. The entire collection of well-designed symbols is filled with wisdom and the divine power of both the Emperor and the Dragon.

    Besides the beautiful Asian story, the titles yet to be launched include Deep Sea Wonders, 777 Rush and Treasure of Rome. The diversity in styles and topics implies that the team plans to roll out creations that would be suitable for a multitude of styles and preferences. 

    If things are to judge from what we have now…

    …the team also pays close attention to design and graphics, as each of the symbols in their “first-born” title hosts a plethora of details and versatile spectrum of colors. Both background and symbols are arranged in a careful way to bring the best version of the story to players. 

    Thanks to the numerous features, the release brings a high level of dynamism, expected for history-inspired titles. Yet, the selected background music brings a huge dose of calmness, creating a perfect balance throughout the entire game. 

    When a studio has the knowledge and the means to make their vision become reality…

    …even a single title is more than enough to reveal their philosophy and way of thinking. After all, if “You Only Live Once”, the given time should be spent in the most creative and productive way possible. 

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