• Grand Virtual Casinos

    intro If you are a regular, experienced player, who enjoys spending time playing casino games, the name Grand Virtual must ring a bell; this brand appeared on the scene way back in 1997, and during its time, created hundreds of games.

    It’s everything but easy to stand out in an industry like iGaming, for such a long time, but looks like Grand Virtual, now officially known as Cambridge Interactive Development Corporation, knows some secret recipe…

    After snooping around their gaming library, we understood what’s the thing about this brand: they produce outstanding gaming, good enough to attract the most demanding, experienced players.

    The heads of Grand Virtual had more than enough time to understand the needs of gamblers…

    1997 was quite long ago, back at the times when people had a dial-up internet connection and online casinos were not seemingly a big thing like they are today. Actually, the first-ever online casino was launched in 1994, just three years before Grand Virtual opened its doors. With this said, we can conclude that this brand is one of the pioneers of the iGaming scene, which took the online casino business step by step, slowly discovering what gamblers want from virtual casino entertainment, while closely developing the strategy of how to create something fun and engaging. 

    Looking from a distance, Grand Virtual did a great job...

    …considering they had no one, back in that time, they can rely on, or a brand that can influence positively on them, be their business ideal. They were on their own. True, years have passed until Grand Virtual developed into a trustworthy, premium company, for what it stands now, but there is no success without hard work, right? Massive portfolio, different genres of gaming, exquisite graphics, and enjoying features. Gambling magic, at its finest. 

    Game Selection 

    game_selection (22)We gave you a hint, so we guess you already get the picture: Grand Virtual Casino gaming portfolio has everything a gambler could ask for! Tons of high-quality games, including classic, progressive, and video slots, most popular table games, video poker, multiplayer content… Above all, the games are absolutely trustworthy and fair: The Grand Virtual Casino is part of the Online Gambling Alliance, highly committed to game fairness. 

    Some games may look outdated… 

    But this shouldn’t surprise you; this provider has a long history, and some of its games are created decades ago. Nevertheless, even if some of the games, usually table games, look ancient, they do not give you the impression you are stuck in the previous gaming century: the gameplay is very smooth, the features are engaging, and the rules standard.

    Slots are very up-to-date

    With captivating themes, fun symbols, and a fine range of features, the slot machines created under the name Grand Virtual are fun all the way. Some of the fresher titles include 3D graphics. If you are into higher levels of excitement, we recommend trying your luck with progressive games: Game-Show, Rock Star, or Olympians, and if you are looking for a sexy-themed slot, which is, honestly not so easy to find, look around the Grand Virtual library, search for Tops & Bottoms

    Mobile Gaming

    Grand Virtual casino software is flexible in many ways: it offers diversity when it comes to banking options, various languages, and remote device accessibility; yes, this industry veteran optimized its content to fit the small-screen devices, without the need to download any apps. Gamblers’ only concert is to provide a strong Internet connection and search, via web browser, the desired Grand Virtual casino content. Easy as said!


    Old-gold. We value this software supplier for many reasons. They are true heroes of the industry, a brand that took a chance with something new, and unfamiliar: the online casino industry. In 1997, brands entering the online casino scene didn’t know too much about their future; yes, it sounded like a potentially prosperous industry, but no one could guarantee- it was too early to tell. It was a risky business, but Grand Virtual was ready to take a leap in the dark. More, we salute their influence on the future of the virtual gambling department: their games affected the shaping of the iGaming industry as we know it today.