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    cubeia_softwareEstablished in 2007, Cubeia software developer stands as one of the veterans of the iGaming industry. The Sweden-based brand is meddling around the business for years, but in the past few they really started to shape up, and get the attention they truly deserve. At this moment, Cubeia has a pretty extensive selection of products, not only casino content, but white-label solutions, as well. The brand has a modern approach to gaming, taking that their latest product- Cubeia Nano, is a futuristic, up-to-date gaming solution; A new type of lightweight platform made to lift the gaming experience to a higher level.

    Game Selection

    You can tell by the looks of their official website - the Stockholm crew is paying a lot of attention to the visual appearance of their brand. Inherently, the games are carefully crafted, too. The pictorial designs are superb, the gameplay is smooth, and the selection of content diverse.

    According to their site, the Cubeia team is the proudest of their poker releases; They claim to be the number one online poker product-makers on the scene. Truth be told, the brand indeed gives plenty of choices on different types of Poker games, pumped with some fine gamification features such as daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards, achievements, bonuses, and more.

    The company presents as a specialist in producing poker games, but this doesn’t mean their slots are not in the same range of quality. In fact, we may say their fruit machines are one of the most creative ones we saw in a long time. Cartoon-like themes, sharp and colorful graphics, great soundtracks;

    All around, playing Cubeia slots was a joyful experience. But, when it comes to bonuses, things are as usual – some extra spins, Wilds, multipliers, nothing unique or distinctive, though that doesn’t change the fact that their spinning machines will entertain you very well.

    White-Label Solutions by Cubeia

    If you are not familiar with the term“ white label“, let’s clear things up, firstly. So, white-label solutions are products made by one company, and after sold or rented to another. In the world of online games and casinos, this term usually refers to gaming platforms.

    Cubeia makes a modern, player-friendly platform, after being offered to online casinos. This brands latest release, Cubeia Nano, is the newest type of platform which promises fast loading, responsiveness, simple layout, lots of banking options ( including cryptocurrencies), and large gaming portfolios – everything that one high-quality, and modern online casino need to have in order to attract the players.

    Mobile Gaming

    mobile_gaming (2)There wouldn’t be a chance to call Cubeia an up-to-date supplier if they didn’t make their games available on the go. Thankfully, they take mobile gaming very seriously, understanding it’s not a thing of the future anymore, but a very present-day need for players.

    All of their games, and white-label platforms, are mobile-friendly, built on HTML5 and JavaScript program structures. Gamers can enjoy smooth gameplay, full bonus options, tournaments, everything available in the Desktop regime, on a remote device, too.


    It’s interesting to see how Cubeia, a software, and white-label platform supplier expands and progresses year after year. They started slow, the took the iGaming industry step by step, but it seems they are now on a quite successful roll, exploring the latest technologies and implementing them in their offer. We will keep an eye on this brand, we have the feeling we will soon hear more good news from this Sweden-based studio!

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