• Capecod Gaming Casinos

    Capecod Gaming started as a software house in 1987, and they worked on a wide range of projects before getting into the online gambling software game two decades later in 2007. They have their offices based in Italy, and they're very proud to be an Italian company that services top Italian customers as well as several dozen other high-level operators. They produce solid games, and they have a good approach for the future with a focus on mobile.

    Land-based Game Ports

    Starting in 2012, this company started doing a lot of work with porting existing land-based slots over to online and mobile platforms. The idea here is that they were basically acting in their initial role as a software house, but it allowed them to make connections and get a lot of time in the online casino industry. It's easy to see how this work would have given them lots of ideas and understanding about what works in the industry for the players when they started making and distributing their own games the following year.

    An HTML5 Focus

    The vast majority of the games produced by Capecod Gaming are video slots, and since 2014, all of their games have been available in HTML5. They have recognized that HTML5 is the platform that the industry has been shifting to for a while, and it just goes to show that they know where the future is headed in the industry, even if they haven't been involved with it as long as some other providers. This also allowed their iGaming Platform software to be released on a side range of mobile devices.

    Mobile Games

    This brings us into their focus on mobile, which is particularly important with the way the industry has unfolded to be more and more about playing on the go. All of their games can be played from desktop or mobile, and each new release they have can be played from both channels as well. This is a critical part of their overall release strategy, and it works out great for players, especially since they put out very high-quality content. They do not have the largest selection of games out there, but with the way the industry is structured, they don't have to.

    Our Thoughts

    Capecod Gaming puts together titles that have pretty solid graphics and gameplay, and they use HTML5 to make sure they're ready for the future. They have deals to get their games in front of a lot of players, and they also have a particularly strong hold on the regulated Italian market with deals with several of the top operators in the country. This company has also expanded beyond that with dozens of other content distribution deals, and now it's easy to find casinos that use their games across Europe and other parts of the world.