• Betdigital Casinos

    Betdigital is part of the larger NYX group (which at the time of writing has combined with SG Interactive to become SG Digital), but they still pretty much operate independently. The company itself was established in 2011, meaning that it is quite an old player in the industry. The company is based in Oxford, UK, but is quite popular and operates in casinos worldwide.

    Being bought by NYX has only increased their reach. The company aims not only to produce slots for online casinos but brick-and-mortar ones too, as well as content for anything related to iGaming. Whether it is a mobile, tablet, smart-tv or desktop gaming you are into, they are sure to have the right product for you.

    Third-party developers join the fray

    Whilst big companies such as Microgaming signing on third-party developers to improve their slot collection has become somewhat of a trend (as of 2019), Betdigital has taken a bit of a different route. Additionally, they have also created a platform with easy integration in mind. This means they have made it an easy process for online casinos to provide slots from all publishers via their platform.

    A system called GRID

    Game Rapid Integration & Development system is what the above is called. This might not be so interesting for players as it is for developers and casinos. The truth is though, it does make life easier for players and presents them with better access to games from several different publishers. Most of the slot producers have switched to HTML5 for their games. The GRID system builds upon this, by making it possible to develop and integrate different games into different casino platforms.

    The GRID is further tied to SystemX, which is used to administer the whole platform, including things like customer support. If this sounds interesting then you should head on to Betdigital homepage and read a bit more about their solutions. Using this platform will reduce time to deploy games to casinos significantly, from months to weeks.

    A selection of slots

    The company has clearly focused on quality over quantity. It is also quite clear that they are more concentrated in the backend services than they are in being a slot producer. The company has been operating since 2011 but has released less than two dozen games. The games usually come with a classic look and features. In fact, it seems quite obvious that the products are showcase only.

    If you are into classic slots...

    ....you might find some worthwhile surprises. When it comes to RTP or variance the slots offer quite the same experience as with any other noteworthy developer. The graphics and other effects might not be the most modern, but that doesn’t mean the games would lack in content or surprises. Try the games for free to see for yourself.