• AllWaySpin Casinos

    allwayspin_casinos_softwareEager to bring some new ideas into the iGaming industry, a team of experts gathered to establish AllWaySpin (AWS) in late 2019. Uniting together years of experience in operations, marketing, research and development under one roof, this Taiwanese producer quickly became recognized as a brand that brought novelties.

    Thanks to in-depth development, product stability, streamlined loading speeds, and constant influx of innovative ideas, the team manages to deliver high-end HTML5 games and premium gaming solutions. Such an approach guarantees that the company remains primarily focused on its clients and their profitability.

    At the time being…

    …the young and energetic provider serves gaming clients and partners in various parts of the world- Asia, Europe, and the United States. Stay tuned to find out more about the company’s essentials, key components of their games, and the entire palette of their products and services.

    Company’s Core Values

    To be able to position itself as a noteworthy brand, it’s essential to develop a unique philosophy which will mark the company as a distinctive one compared to other names.

    AllWaySpin has found the perfect formula…

    …by gathering what they believe are the necessary ingredients to build a good reputation and gain the respect of both business partners and consumers.

    Here are those representative characteristics:

    • Client-centric
    • Stable & reliable
    • Innovative & agile
    • Professional & diversified
    • Intuitive & straightforward

    As seen from the list, these carefully chosen elements are the quintessence of the entertainment industry and the only way to remain in this highly competitive business. That’s why the majority of content producers who are just getting started, particularly those coming from Asian regions, pay special attention to brainstorming a punchy introduction.

    It’s interesting to notice that…

    …studios from Taiwan are slowly conquering the market with its inventive content. One of them is Booongo, a team of passionate slot enthusiasts who keep challenging boundaries through innovative gameplay and exciting features.

    CQ9 Gaming is another brand, and besides expanding its own catalog of content, the team also signed up many other smaller gaming companies under its umbrella. Speaking of successful agreements, XSG, another Taiwanese developer “hit the jackpot” by joining forces with Scandinavian iGaming master, Yggdrasil.

    Wide Spectrum of Products and Services

    allwayspin_casinos_software_Having a distinctive collection of games is a first step to grab the attention of business partners and consumers, but it’s not enough.

    What potential associates look for…

    …is comprehensive array of services and products which altogether cover multiple fields. Only a well-rounded model can make them gravitate toward that specific studio.

    Aiming to deliver thrilling game experiences to the players, the creative team produces releases with steady RTP and creative gameplay. To keep the community in touch with the latest additions, they regularly update a thread on one of the busiest platforms.

    As for the cutting-edge solutions they offer, the wealthy spectrum encompasses the following:

    • In-game promotion tool

    Designed to boost players’ gaming experiences, their engagement engine comprises holiday themes, in-game notifications, and enhanced gaming performance for optimal player experience. All offered in a one-stop API integration without additional configurations required, it simplifies the entire process, thus boosting retention and raising revenue.

    • Competitions

    Dynamic leaderboards boast real-time updates with full multi-coins conversion support. Configured to VIP clients’ needs, the system is designed to automatically send rewards or additional coins from lucky pools to punters. Moreover, clients can enter multiple contests.

    • Achievements

    Achievement status bar has real-time updates and is designed to allow punters to accumulate bonus coins during the entire lifetime of their account. At the same time, all kinds of new dynamic challenges are added to increase player loyalty. Those include Daily Tasks and Lucky Wheels, all exclusive for VIP clients.

    • Back Office

    With a user-friendly interface, a comprehensive reference library and reporting features for different markets, their BO system can provide detailed reports to analyze player activity. Besides, it also delivers analytic data on games and promotions.

    It takes just a single click to can add common reports or do multiple searches. Integrated BO manual ensures faster navigation and smoother analysis of gathered information.

    • Performance

    Knowing that both clients and the players appreciate low latency and responsive game loading, the company supervises game performance and continuously optimizes to provide 99.99% uptime of the full range of their services.

    • Support

    Motivated to streamline the new player acquisition process and enhance existing players’ loyalty, the developer proudly points out offering comprehensive assistance which encompasses exclusive promotions for VIPs, media houses, and 24/7 technical support.

    • API integration

    Thanks to hassle-free and easy-to-use API, the entire diapason of products can be seamlessly integrated all at once. Supporting both transfer and single account modes, it adjusts easily to meet specific needs of different markets, making the company’s products and services fully optimized for a multitude of territories and partners.

    Brief Preview of Developer’s Portfolio

    Striving to offer the most enjoyable gaming experiences, their slot games feature a unique combination of visual art and music, coupled with immersive designs and enrichments to the gameplay. Incorporating a reliable RTP and holding BMM certification, they comply with the legal and technical standards required.

    Designed to cover a plethora of versatile devices…

    …including vertical display mode for smartphones, the games are developed in HTML5. Moreover, with multi-coin and multi-lingual support, they make it possible for players worldwide to enjoy customized game themes based on their geographic location.

    Looking closely at the aesthetics of their releases, they are surely not just boring replicas of previous titles, but completely new stories with an in-depth narrative. Even though they predominantly utilize Asia-inspired elements, they manage to develop a multiverse of tales, each dedicated to a different subject- superheroes, humorous missions, adventure-packed challenges and more than that.

    Some of the titles displayed in their catalog are Wiener Donuts, Hanabi, OH! Party!, Snail Racing, Lord of the Dead, Monster 7, 888 Tower and more.

    Thanks to such diversity in topics…

    …and attractive entertainment engine, AllWaySpin’s popularity could rapidly spread even wider, enlarging the base of their partners and consumers.