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    air_dice_gc_1Air Dice seeks to offer big wins, mystery games and jackpots. They are one of the few online casino gaming companies to originate from Finland, with some unique ideas on how the online slot industry should develop in the future. Despite its northern location, the company actually holds quite a few prestigious licences, such as the ones from Belgium, UK and Malta.

    Besides slots, you will also find some bingo solutions, table games and other specialities in the catalogue. The company is apparently also looking to offer white label solutions. The company was established as early as 2003, which is a bit surprising considering the rather small, or compact, size of the company. Their games and services are available in a surprisingly large number of big online casinos. For one reason or another, Belgium is one of the most popular areas for the company, though obviously, these games are available elsewhere too.

    Online Slots and Table Games

    air_dice_gc_2The catalogue consists of a few dozen slots and table games, so it certainly isn’t the fastest-growing selection of games. Luckily, what’s there is guaranteed quality. Whilst these titles might not be enough by themselves to fill an online casino, they do complement the selection with some pretty fun, innovative and special games. Especially when it comes to the dice games, which themselves come in a handful of different configurations.

    First of all, there are the normal slots that can also be played as dice slots. The difference there is not considerable, as it simply replaces the symbols with slots, and perhaps alters the paytable a bit. But then there are the Belgian-style dice placement game, which is a whole another story. They even add a bit of skill into the game.

    Bingo Software

    Instead of just offering bingo rooms or video bingo, Air Dice has chosen to instead connect bingo clubs with online casinos. This is a software solution that allows bingo to be played online or offline, as well as connecting the two, in something that very much resembles an online live casino. Online players can participate in club games and vice versa. There are even automatic choices for when the bingo clubs are closed, so the games can continue online. We expect this to continue growing in popularity.

    Friends in High Places

    You might not have ever heard of Air Dice, but they are actually quite well connected. It’s not only through their own games, as they also offer custom gaming solutions for many software developers and online casinos. Some of the biggest names include Unibet, Betway, Star Casino, Betfirst, Supergame, bwin, Ladbrokes, and Carousel. Chances are, they are coming to your favourite online casinos sooner or later. Though a small company, they have remained relevant for decades now, building solutions that are proving quite useful.

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