• AGames Casinos

    AGames is a casino game development company that was launched in 2017 or 2018. They are based out of Malta, which is one of the biggest locations for online gambling companies, so they're surrounded by a ton of talent. As a subsidiary of the software development company BOSS that specializes in online casino and other types of Internet betting solutions, they focus primarily on high-end slots without much room for anything else.

    Their Place in the BOSS Hierarchy

    In the modern era of online casinos and video slots, it's critical for each software platform to have games that stand out as not being a part of what everyone else is offering. AGames was created to do that for the BOSS platform and to give them an edge against the competition. Their aim was to achieve that through high-end slots in particular, and that's why they have such a narrow focus. This type of focus is exactly what makes a software company great at this stage in the life of the online casino industry, so it's a good strategy to have.

    Play Via Mobile

    One thing they focus on that's really worth pointing out is offering players games that work just as well on a computer-based platform as it does on a mobile-based platform. They want you to be able to play your favorites without any issues when you're out and about, and to this end, they've made their games very much compatible with virtually all modern mobile devices.

    Screen size and operating system do not matter with this. In fact, you can use all of the popular mobile operating systems to play AGames' full line of titles, and that includes Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, iOS and others. On top of that, they don't need a minimum screen size for smartphones or tablets.

    Game Quality

    The entire focus of this company is to produce games that are competitive with the best that's available in the slots genre. To achieve this, they have to focus on quality instead of trying to put out a ton of games. There are two main areas of quality that AGames focuses on for their titles, and that's gameplay and graphics.

    Visually, their games are pretty good. They use a style of graphics that's simple enough to not seem cluttered but not so simple that it looks like it was done in a lazy way. On the gameplay side of things, they use a lot of fun features and different styles of paytables to give players different types of experiences to choose from.

    In Summary

    The focus of AGames is to shore up the selection of titles available through the BOSS platform with some particularly high-end online slots. They have achieved that aim in a major way, and they continue to put out great games that have a lot of appeal to a wide range of players.

    Other Information

    Official AGames Home Page

    AGames Email: marketing@bossgs.com