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    Watchdog slots have 5-reels and 25-paylines with a random progressive jackpot game, free games, wilds, scatters, and a win-win feature in case your free games don’t pan out!

    The Watchdog slot game has a jackpot pyramid bet where you can choose which spin odds you want the jackpot game to activate on, like a side bet.

    Choose from $0.05 extra, with higher odds of triggering the jackpot game, up to $2.50 extra where the jackpot game can trigger in six spins or less.

    Watchdog slots Wagering.

    Comes in a variety of settings, with the coin size ranging from $0.01 to $1.00, and the total wager ranging from $0.25 to $25 per spin while playing all 25 lines.

    Watchdog online slots Pay Table.

    There are fourteen symbols in the pay table, and out of those, six of them will offer a payout with as little as two on an active payline.

    Try the game’s “AutoPlay” feature for hands-free play, and select the “Speed” button for fast or slower reel spins.

    The Watchdog slot game play goes from left reel to right except for the Dog scatter symbols, which will bark and play anywhere across the reels.

    Watchdog Slots Progressive Jackpots.

    Are triggered through the Jackpot Pyramid Game, with the help of the Jackpot Pyramid Bet; a side bet on the right side of the game. The Jackpot Pyramid Game is randomly triggered. The “Jackpot Pyramid Bet” is explained below.

    Watchdog slots Wild symbol.

    Is the “Watchdog” symbol, or the brown, floppy-eared pooch with the red nose symbol. The wild has two functions in this game:

    1. To substitute for all symbols except scatters.
    2. To help trigger the Free Games feature.

    Watchdog slot Scatter symbol.

    Is the Dog symbol, or the big blue pooch reading a newspaper symbol. The Dog scatter only performs one action, and that’s to award extra payouts when two or more appear on the reels (see pay table above).

    Watchdog online slots Free Games.

    The free games feature is triggered by three or more “Watchdog” Wild symbols anywhere on the reels. The triggering watchdog symbols will be highlighted and you will have to pick each one:

    • Pick one of the triggering watchdogs to reveal up to 12 free games.
    • Pick another triggering watchdog to reveal a multiplier, with a value up to x12.
    • Retriggering free games; select one of the three triggering watchdogs to add up to 12 more free games to the current feature.

    Win-Win Feature.

    If you happen to go through a set of free games and do not win any credits, the Win-Win Feature will award you 100x the slot bet. If you happen to win less than 2x-10x the slot bet, the feature will award you with 2-100x the slot bet.

    “Jackpot Pyramid Bet&rdquo.

    Is used to help you trigger the Jackpot Pyramid Game earlier, and try for the Progressive Jackpots.

    There are several side bet adjustments you can make in the pyramid bet meter; depending on whether you want to bet more to have the jackpot game to trigger early, or bet the least amount and have the jackpot game trigger much later.

    The Jackpot Pyramid bet “trigger chance” odds for the random jackpot game to trigger:

    • The lowest side bet of $0.05 per spin will have a trigger chance of 1 in 300.
    • The next side bet of $0.10 per spin will have a trigger chance of 1 in 150.
    • The side bet of $0.25 per spin will have a trigger chance of 1 in 60.
    • *The side bet of $0.50 per spin will have a trigger chance of 1 in 30.
    • The side bet of $0.75 per spin will have a trigger chance of 1 in 20.
    • The side bet of $1.00 per spin will have a trigger chance of 1 in 15.
    • The side bet of $1.25 per spin will have a trigger chance of 1 in 12.
    • The max side bet of $2.50 per spin will have a trigger chance of 1 in 6.

    *The Jackpot Pyramid Bet is initially set at $0.50, 1 in 30 odds, before the start of the game. The odds may not be as accurate as they have them posted; I used the 1 in 30 odds during my games, and it seemed like the pyramid game popped up about every 10 spins.

    Watchdog slots “Jackpot Pyramid Game” Bonus feature.

    Is triggered at random and at the end of any game. The “Jackpot Pyramid Bet” above, explains the bet odds and the extra expense it will take to help trigger this random bonus game feature, earlier.

    When the Jackpot Pyramid bonus game does trigger, a new scene will load showing an Aztec pyramid and five levels with doors:

    • Bottom; Level 1 - Choose from 5 doors with the mini jackpot awarding $10 or more.
    • 2nd Level - Choose from 4 doors with the minor jackpot of $30 or more.
    • 3rd Level - Choose from 3 doors with the major jackpot of $100 or more.
    • 4th Level - Choose from 2 doors with the major jackpot of $100 or more.
    • Top; Level 5 - Choose from 1 door with the Grand jackpot of more than $10,000!

    Behind each door there will be one of three colored idol symbols; a Gold idol, Green idol, or Red idol symbol. Here is what the colored idols represent:

    • The Gold Idol will automatically complete the remainder of that level.
    • The Green Idol will award another pick from the same level, unless it’s the last vault and completes the level.
    • The Red Idol will end the Jackpot Pyramid game, and generally awards an extra bonus.

    Play Watchdog online slots and find out how far you make it up the pyramid in the jackpot bonus game!