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    $30,000 Guaranteed Weekend Madness Slots Tournaments at Online Vegas!

    Play Online Vegas casino's $30,000 Weekend Madness Slots Tournaments for May 2011, where the first place prize is $10,000 in real money, plus 999 other great prizes! Play against slot players from all over the world! There are several styles of slot contests to play at Online Vegas Casino, like video poker and blackjack tourneys too, with various sizes of prize pools.

    Online Vegas Casino

    Join Online Vegas Casino slots tournaments and play for cash prizes with prize pools ranging from $99 to $2500 and special tourney prize pools of $30,000 or more! The variety of tournament competitions with the Online Vegas slots tournaments, is in slots, blackjack, and video poker; in freerolls, bonus and feeder tourneys, and winner-takes-all contests. Plus a whole lot of free bonus cash for new players!

    Play Online Vegas $30,000 Guaranteed Weekend Madness Slots Tournaments!

    There are normally several hundreds of players who sign up for the Weekend Madness tournaments, starting on Fridays and ending on Mondays, but there are 1000 spots available with prize money. You can be the next player to sign up and go for the first place cash prize of $10,000, or one of 1000 paid spots:

    • $30,000 Guaranteed Weekend Madness Dates and Times: Friday's at 10:30pm to Monday's at 11:30pm EST.
    • Guaranteed Weekend Madness Entry Fees: $10.00.
    • Weekend Madness *Games: 1-Funky Chicken, 2-BigFoot, 3-Big Tme, 4-Hurdy Gurdy.
    • Games' Starting Balances: $325.00 play credits.
    • Re-buy Add Fees: $10.00 with unlimited re-buys.
    • Re-Buy Add; Game Starting Balances: $325.00 play credits.

    *Game Dates: 1-May 6th to 9th, 2-May 13th to 16th, 3-May 20th to 23rd, 4-May 27th to 30th. Always check the Online Vegas Casino's tournament section for buy-ins, re-buy balances, and game information.

    $30,000 Guaranteed Weekend Madness Tournament Prizes.

    • 1st Prize - $10,000
    • 2nd Prize - $2,500
    • 3rd Prize - $1,200
    • 4th Prize - $900
    • 5th Prize - $800
    • 6th Prize - $650
    • 7th Prize - $525
    • 8th Prize - $475
    • 9th Prize - $380
    • 10th Prize - $300
    • 11th Prize - $275
    • 12th Prize - $225
    • 13th Prize - $200
    • 14th Prize - $160
    • 15th Prize - $145
    • 16th Prize - $125
    • 17th Prize - $105
    • 18th Prize - $90
    • 19th Prize - $85
    • 20th Prize - $60
    • 21st Prize - $45 - 10 Winners
    • 22nd Prize - $40 - 10 Winners
    • 23rd Prize - $30 - 10 Winners
    • 24th Prize - $25 - 50 Winners
    • 25th Prize - $20 - 50 Winners
    • 26th Prize - $18 - 50 Winners
    • 27th Prize - $16 - 100 Winners
    • 28th Prize - $14 - 100 Winners
    • 29th Prize - $10 - 100 Winners
    • 30th Prize - $5 - 500 Winners

    You could be one of the 1000 winners of real cash money, or one of the top three.
    Before you decide to make a re-buy, make sure you check the re-buy game balance info and tournament rules. Keep your eyes open for this tournament event starting on Friday's.

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    Win your spot by signing up at the Online Vegas Casino Guaranteed Weekend Madness Slots Tournament worth $30,000 in cash prizes!

    Online Vegas Slots Tournaments for May 2011

    Online Vegas has 178 different Tournaments in May, 2011, and over $485,000 in guaranteed prizes. Here are a few of those:

    • On May 5th at 9am ET, celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a 55¢ Pot Percentage Tournament, with 250 paid spots and 1st Place takes home 20%.
    • On Friday the 13th play the 66¢ Pot Percentage Tourney, from 8am-8pm ET.
    • And don't forget about the $30,000 Weekend Madness slot tournaments: 4 tournaments; and 4-$30k prize pools!
    • Visit Online Vegas Casino slots tournaments section for the full details.

    If you are new to Online Vegas casino, see their latest welcome bonuses for a boost to help you get started playing their Vegas Technology online games.

    If you are a new customer:

    • Download the Online Vegas Casino free software.
    • Sign up as a real player and go for the bonuses and slot tournament freerolls!

    Be sure to read their instructions and the terms and conditions as a new customer to Online Vegas. If you have any questions contact their friendly customer support.

    The Online Vegas slots tournaments offered:

    • Only 25¢ tournaments - Every Monday through Thursday during each month you can play for a $750 bonus bucks prize pool for just a quarter ($0.25), and re-buys are just $1.50. There will be a different game played each week.

    • The $8,888 Slots Tournaments - Play for $4,444 in real cash or $4,444 in bonus bucks prize pools (that depends on your finishing spot of course) for just $6.99 to enter and re-buys of $6.99. Every day there will be a different slot game played.

    • Frugal Friday's $1,500 Tournaments - Every Friday you can enter with a special price of just $1.99, and $1.99 for re-buys, and go for a $1,500 prize pool! A different slot game is played each Friday.

    The Online Vegas Casino tournaments, contests, and fees are subject to change at any time. So be sure to visit their site for the latest tournament action, and don't forget to read their "terms and conditions" before playing or claiming any winnings, on promotions, bonuses, or tournaments, and for other details.

    Get into the action with the many Online Vegas Casino slots tournaments and have fun playing some of your favorite slot games. Check out their video poker and blackjack tourneys as well.