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Get into a different groove with Hot Pepper slot tournaments, where seasonal tournaments are found, with a different competition every week.

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Hot Pepper online casino has several Freeroll slots tournaments every month that are usually lined up on every weekend and on holidays. The entry fee competitions come along at least once a week and sometimes twice a week with fees at $5 and $10.

Since these slots tournaments are fairly new at Hot Pepper, the amount of competitive games during each month is around fifteen or so. But almost every slot tournament is different, that way you will have a fresh slot competition for nearly every tournament you play.

The Free game slots tournaments, or Freerolls, have prize pools that pay out in Bonus Chips at $250 and an occasional $500 in bonus chips. The bonus chips are put into your bonus chip account and may be played differently than the real chips.

With the Entry Fee tournaments the prize pools are at $500 and are paid out in Real Chips, or real credits. Be sure to read the entire Terms and Conditions before attempting to cash out from your winnings, or contact Customer Support if you have any questions.

Here are a few of the slots tournament games that are found at Hot Pepper online casino; Princess Jewels, Real Deal, Cleopatra’s Pyramid, Money Shot, Mermaids Quest and several others that are sure to give you slots of action and fun, with each passing month.

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