Club World Casinos Slot Tournaments!

Club World Casinos slot tournaments let you play in freeroll slots tournaments, or buy-in slot tourneys, and play in several different slot games going on every day! Club World Casinos have added to their slots tournament action, $1,000 in prize pools every day. I see this is going to get better as time moves forward.

There are more ways to play games than just slots tournaments in Club World casinos; they have more than 120 online games to choose from. You'll have a wide variety of slot games to play, with their Real Series slots giving random jackpots among most player's favorites.

Getting started in Club World Casinos Slots Tournaments

Let's get started in the Club World Casinos slot tournaments, but if you haven't played here be sure to sign first:

Note: You may have to enter a tournament name before you can enter into their tournaments.

The Club World Casinos Slot Tournament Games

There are three main Club World slots tournament games when they first started their slot tournaments, but we are sure that will change in the coming months with more to add on to this following list:

And several more Club World Casinos slot tournament games you might be playing, perhaps during special occations or any time:

The daily/weekly slots tournament games can change each week or each month. Players may have a different game, or game buy-in, during the competitions to have fun with. Tournament game buy-ins are explained below.

Club World Casinos Slot Tournaments Information

The Club World slots tournaments are a fresh new look in RTG competitive games, where players can start off with a small buy-in fee, and reap much more in return. And, it's all about having fun at the same time.

Club World slots tournament buy-ins will vary each day and possibly each week, as well as the same game may have a different buy-in tournament during the same day or week.
The buy-ins at the start of the Club World slots tournaments; $0.01 + $0.00, $1 + $0.10, $2 + $0.20, $5 + $0.50, and $10 + $1.

Club World Casinos slots tournaments, buy-in and prize information (examples below).

Play "Penny Roller" $0.01 + $0.00 buy-in games, $50 prize pool:

Play $1 + $0.10 buy-in games, $25 prize pool…

Play $2 + $0.20 buy-in games, $50 prize pools…

Play $3 + $0.30 buy-in games, $60 prize pools…

Play $5 + $0.50 buy-in games, $60 prize pools…

Play two types of $10 + $1 buy-in games…

The amount of paid spots will also vary depending on the amount of players who have signed up and bought-in for that tournament. The prize pool size may depend on how many re-buys there are in a game and how many players have joined (and the times and prize pool sizes will vary).

The names and buy-ins for the above mentioned slot tournaments and games may change, please check the "details" on each game in the tournament lobby. Be sure to read the Club World casinos "terms and conditions" on any tournament games, game winnings, or bonuses before playing.

If you like slots, take a look at the RTG slots that Club World Casinos have to offer. As we mentioned before; keep a lookout for game name and tournament price changes, because they're may be more and the prize pools higher!

Play Club World Casinos slot tournaments now!