• The Three Stooges - Disorder in the Court

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    The Three Stooges: Disorder in the Court is an online slot powered by NuWorks. It's based on a Three Stooges short where the three of them are band members who are the key witnesses in a murder trial. Things get crazy and ridiculous in true Three Stooges style, but it's one of the most popular shorts they ever performed, and that makes it worthy of having its own game. While this is a classic slot, NuWorks has done a great job of making sure the gameplay isn't boring, and it fits in with the experience that people would expect from a video slot in today's modern environment.

    Basic Format and Layout

    This game has a three-reel, three-row layout that's very familiar considering that virtually every classic slot in modern times uses the same format. There are five paylines, but while most games give you the option to keep any number of them, they are actually locked in with this one, and you can't change them. Coin sizes can be switched to anything from $0.01 to $0.10 apiece, or you can choose the max bet size of $0.25 coins. Wins pay both left-to-right and right-to-left, which isn't normally an issue when there are only three reels, but there are chances for two-in-a-row wins in this game, so that makes it important.

    High-Paying Symbols and

    Larry, Curly and Moe are the highest-paying symbols in the game for obvious reasons. Three of a kind gives a payout of 111x, and two of a kind gives a payout of 3x. It's worth noting again that the two of a kind wins can be paid right-to-left or left-to-right in this game, and NuWorks has done a good job of giving players extra value in this way.

    Three other symbols give you a 33x win for three of a kind. These include the courtroom symbol, the tagged pistol entered as evidence and the court gavel.

    There is also a wild symbol of the Three Stooges on the third reel. It acts as a 3x wild multiplier as well. Combining this with the stacked Moe symbol mentioned below leads to some sizable wins on its own.

    Stacked Symbols and the Nudge Feature

    There are stacked Larry, Moe and Curly symbols on the first, second and third reels, respectively. When you hit one of these, they pay out normally. However, they also nudge in place for a free shot at extra winnings after your original payout, and with the simple fact that they can win with two of a kind, you only need one other symbol on the reels to get multiple extra payouts when this symbol nudges in place. That's especially true for the stacked Moe symbol since any other Moe on the screen will give you a guaranteed two of a kind on at least one payline.

    Low-Paying Symbols

    There are two sets of low-paying symbols. The first set is the parrot in a cage and the cello, and they both pay 9x for three of a kind. The second set includes the fire hose, the projector and the typewriter, and they all pay 3x for three of a kind. These symbols are all key parts of the plot of the television short that this game is based on, and that gives it a lot more meaning than what you find with most low-end symbols in slots these days.

    Free Spins Feature

    You can pick up a set of nine free spins if you get all three of the stacked symbols on the screen at the same time. During this set of free spins, every stacked symbol you get adds one to your total number of stooges. You can re-trigger the feature twice, and your total accumulated number of stooges will continue through all of your free turns. Once the free spins bonus feature is over, your number of stooges earned will get you a bonus payout ranging anywhere from 3x to 333x your total bet size of the triggering bet for the feature.


    The Three Stooges: Disorder in the Court slot is a good example of NuWorks breaking the mold that's often associated with three-reel classic slots and offering a truly exciting experience. The stacked symbol nudge feature drives a ton of the gameplay, and it's one of the best ways of spicing up a three-reel slot that we've seen.