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    Coin size ranges from 1 cent up to 5.00. You can play from 1 to 3 Coins. Play 3 coins for the highest payout.

    You choose the coin size you want to play when you choose your game.

    Star Catcher 25 cents or Star Catcher $1.

    You can Play 1 to 3 lines but must play 3 lines for the loyalty bonuses to count.

    Each time you hit a winning payline you get paid the amount shown on the paytable and a star next to that symbol in the Bonus Area at the top of the machine.

    Fill the bonus line and win the amount shown on the right of the bonus area.

    Hit 3 Rocket symbols to win $500.00 on a $3.00 bet.

    Collect the stars to fill the rocket row and win the jackpot of $2500.00 on $3.00 bet!!!!

    Bonus Points will be retained by the player indefinitely, between games and sessions, until the player fills one line in a single category.

    So you don't have to play to fill in the row all in one session, you can go back later and your points will still be there.

    Star Catcher's bonus points makes it fun to come back to play time and time again!!!