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Triple PG Slots

triple-profit-games-slot-page-gc-imageIt takes plenty of courage to enter this demanding industry with new vision, but those who have it, get instantly recognized. “Driven by demand, powered by passion” is what Triple Profits Games (AKA Triple PG) is about because their flagship product offers something substantially different.

Their secret formula for success combines quite interesting ingredients, which results in the highest-quality customer experience and continuous profit growth. Those special elements are Millennium Social Tools, Asian Theme and Las Vegas Values, key components of studio’s inventive slot games.

How about we take a closer look at their gaming library?

Asia-Inspired One-Armed Bandits

The exotic cultures and histories of the Asian region is what inspires them the most, as the majority of games from their portfolio draws inspiration from this part of the world.

They are absolutely crazy about slot games…

…and the lobby is filled with a diversity of intriguing stories with inventive characters, dynamic gameplay, special features and more than that.

Some of the titles are Ying Cai Shen, Chinese Zodiac, God of Fortune, Blessing Mouse, Japanese Fortune, Journey to the West and many others.

What else is out there in This Creative Factory?

Though Orient-themed releases are their main field of expertise, there are slot titles based on characters and occasions from beyond these limits. For example, Sea World, Selfie, Rome Warrior, Tricky Brains, F1 Racing, Ancient Egypt, Special Forces, etc.

Showing that they can play…

…with all sorts of topics, they equipped the portfolio so to cater to the demands of all profiles of punters. But, besides slot games, Triple PG has a quite satisfactory assortment of table games, casual games, as well as two types of Fishing Fortune (4D and 360).

Besides amazing aesthetics…

…and fantastic palette of vivid colors, what their products also have in common is excellent optimization for all types of gadgets, in both horizontal and vertical mode.

Currently displaying around 100 titles, the forward-thinking team promises to deliver 2 titles per month, eager to keep players interested, and gradually grow partnership base.

Extensive List of Top-Quality Services

Being more than aware that games are just the first step to getting noticed in the industry, Triple PG offers a generous range of services to attract business partners from all over the globe.

Multilingual interface, a wide selection of currencies and wallets…

…simple API integration, upgraded communication with players, well-equipped bonus scheme, dynamic margin configuration, etc. are just some of the available benefits.

Certified by one of the most respected agencies, Gaming Labs International (GLI), their products come with different volatility and RTP, as each territory and players prefer customized content. In addition to this, the company aims to introduce the Player retention program in Q2 2020, which will host multiple rewards, various contents, generous prize pools and much more.

Thanks to the unique fusion of real money games and casual social gaming, Triple PG has the potential to become internationally popular and recognized.