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Top Trend Gaming Slots

Top Trend Gaming is a Philippine company. It is no surprise that this country, popular amongst tourists and gamblers, has emerged as one of the leading locations for online gaming in Asia. Their selection of games has no resemblance with those of land-based casinos. Instead, the company is entirely devoted to mobile gaming and the online sphere. 

Their games tend to draw influence and inspiration from popular culture, be that Western, Asian, or worldwide phenomenons. Dedication to quality products goes beyond graphics, sound effects and security, with plenty of work going into things that the player never sees, such as casino software. This, in turn, fuels further advances in mobile interfaces and other solutions. Staying on top of the trends, and going beyond them, is a hard game. Top Trend Gaming seems to be doing good though.

A new trend rising with Asian themes

Players always want something new, as long as it is well-done. The first wave of Asian slots were quite simply re-skinned classic games. Chinese characters there, symbols of luck and fortune here. The second wave, which Top Trend Gaming is part of, is way more sophisticated.

Also a ton of other themes

They rely more on popular culture and seek to build complete themes, not just change graphics. This means that they offer games that draw deep from the local popular culture but also incorporates local traditions or trends into the gameplay. Lot’s of slots go beyond this, drawing inspiration from all sorts of sources. Not that the games are something else entirely, just that the themes with these games go beyond the scratching the surface.

...but do not forget the importance of software

It’s not only the themes that the company is trending with. They spend quite a lot of resources and time making sure that their games can be easily played on all devices. Over there, it might not be so usual to have every device at your home; but everyone does have a mobile phone these days.

Thus, it is of no surprise that the games are aimed mainly at the mobile market. It is very important to keep the games light, yet graphically and musically spectacular. Cramming as much entertainment into tight screens is something that requires skill and experience but above all a software that can run it all without a hitch.

Special features, payouts and good fun

Themes and software alone are not enough to make a succesfull slot. Top Trend Gaming isn’t afraid to experiment with different setups. This emans that you are quite likely to find a slot with ten as you are one with a hundred or more paylines. Special features come in the usual form of wilds, bonus games, scatters and multipliers, but with a lot of added features that break the convention or just try something new.

The payouts on these slots are more than decent, seeking to top the current trends(though it’s getting a bit hard to get higher than 96% payouts). Above all, the games simply seek to deliver a fun gaming experience.

Try one of their many slots in our suggested casinos and you won't be disappointed.