STHLM Gaming

STHLM Gaming Slots

No matter where you look in the online casino world, players absolutely love high-quality video slots, and that's exactly why STHLM Gaming has so much attention despite the fact that they've only been running since 2016. In that time, they've built up reputation based on immersive experiences.

Visual and Aesthetic Quality

First and foremost, you'll notice as soon as you load up one of their games that it gives off a great first impression. Their approach to graphics in general is that they want the overall style, feel and tone to match the concept of the game itself. Unlike many other software developers, that means that they will use greatly different styles from game to game just depending on what's called for.

First impressions mean so much because we're visual creatures as human beings, and their slots are built with an understanding of just how important that is.

Gameplay and Features

Being innovative with features doesn't necessarily mean that you have to invent all-new features that have never been seen before with each title that is released. STHLM Gaming understands this, but they still go out of their way to make things a bit outside of the box just so that their games stand out. With that having been said, the way they approach features, pay table distributions and general gameplay is to make it fit within the context of the concept of the game itself.

It's largely the same thing they do with the graphics of their games in the sense that they adjust everything to fit the theme and concept of the title they're building. This is why players get such immersive experiences and why everything feels so cohesive whenever you sit down to enjoy one of their titles.


Everything that this company offers in the slots space is up there with the best that you'll find in the industry. While the size of their portfolio is on the lower side, the quality of their games is not.