SlotVision Slots

slotvision slotsSlotVision entered the market in 2018 with a fresh batch of games. Instead of bringing out a single slot here and there they aimed for a strong start so that players who liked one game could immediately go and try others. The company originates from Slovenia but has moved its operations to Cyprus.

They do not hold any national licenses at the time, but they do have a strong network of partner companies that operate both online casinos and turnkey services, ensuring that everything is properly licensed and tested. The slots themselves aim for a modern gaming experience, with surprisingly cool graphics and special features.

Rubies on the reels...

The symbols that you find on the reels are a mixed bunch. You often run into playing card ranks, different riches and fortunes (such as rubies, diamonds, golden watches, stacks of cash et al), as well as ones that draw inspiration from the theme itself. With these are mixed a host of other symbols, that easily stand out. The balance is quite nice, with the carefully chosen color palettes adding their own beauty into the overall look and feel.

Graphical splendor

The quality of the graphics is quite amazing, with details meticulously crafted. This makes even usual symbols easily stand out from the competition. The games do not often come with animations, or they are relatively rare and reserved for winning combinations. This is perhaps the only drawback, and hopefully, something that will be corrected in the future. On the other hand, by keeping the animations our the quality of the rest of the graphics remain great and the games remain somewhat light, making them ideal for mobile markets  and coins in your pocket

Look at the paytable of any single game, and you’ll notice that even the basic prizes aim high. This, of course, means that the variance in these games tends to be high, which also seems to be the case in most of today’s new slots no matter who produces them. Yet, there is room for low and medium variance slots in the collection too, though they are a bit rare to come upon.

Besides the basic wins, the special features often serve interesting prizes that reach whole new heights. These heights are climbed through a variety of features that build upon each other, leading into a crescendo of wins...if your luck is right.

A variety of interesting and unique themes

Perhaps the most unique part of the company’s offerings is the different themes. There are steampunk universes built just for a single slot, as well as locations of wealth and fortunes we all know. Other games offer eye-candy in the form of attractive ladies, whilst others simply trust in the attraction of nature, or lands of fantasy that make your imagination soar. All in all, we suggest you pick up any of their games and get going with the spins!