Slingshot Studios

Slingshot Studios Slots

Slingshot Studios is a software developer known by a lot of people for having an exclusive development deal with the Microgaming Quickfire platform that sees them produce slots exclusively for them. This is how virtually everyone will know their games if they have played them, and it's a great fit for them because of the particularly high quality of what they offer.

A Quality Approach to Slots

This company is designed from the ground up to pile layer upon layer of quality when it comes to how their games are put together. They've done this by bringing together great talent in all walks of life for everything that goes into building one of their online slots. This includes relative newbies who have shown a lot of talent as well as plenty of industry veterans. The end result is an abundance of diversity in the teams that put together their games, and everyone comes together to really bring out a serious shine in the end result.

What to Expect

When you play their games, what you can expect is a focus on gameplay without letting you down on the graphical side of things. The music and sound effects for their slots are produced in a way that creates an immersive experience as well, and the feature sets are chosen to really jive with the themes of the games. This creates a situation where everything comes together to give players a really great, cohesive experience when playing their slots.

While they don't have the largest selection of slots available, what they do have is extremely impressive and will appeal to a huge percentage of players.